Unveiling Onyx Audience Solutions: Predictive Demographics for Safely Reaching Relevant Audiences

According to the IAB, 95% of data and advertising decision-makers at U.S. brands and agencies expect continued legislation and signal loss in 2024 and beyond. In this context of heightened privacy, a recent survey revealed that over half (53%) of these global executives are primarily concerned about effectively reaching target audiences at scale.

Outbrain is proud to announce the launch of Onyx Audience Solutions to redefine the way advertisers connect with their intended audiences. As a key extension of the Onyx branding platform, this new suite of solutions harnesses the power of Outbrain prediction combined with advanced AI to drive authentic brand outcomes without compromising on user privacy. By moving away from deterministic user identification, Onyx Audience Solutions are privacy-safe. 

The Power of Onyx Audience Solutions

We firmly believe that the future of audience engagement lies in coupling AI with extensive interest and contextual data. Our privacy-safe methodologies are designed to drive results while ensuring a sustainable and impactful way forward. 

Our Audience Solutions are built on the core principles of innovation, privacy, and reach


Our proprietary prediction engine predicts user interest, delivering the perfect ad at the optimal time for maximum attention and engagement.


Thrive in a cookieless world with our privacy-first solutions that don’t rely on user data or precise identification. Outbrain leverages over 17 years of expertise in data and optimization, gathering contextual, activity, and campaign data signals to achieve outstanding results. Our approach ensures compliance with privacy laws and avoids intrusive data practices, enabling powerful predictions and delivering tangible business outcomes.


Engage your audience more effectively with cookieless targeting, delivering scalable and efficient campaigns while building trust with consumers.

Leading the Way: Predictive Demographics

The first key Audience Solution we are excited to bring to brands and agencies is Predictive Demographics – a pioneering product that defines the future of audience engagement. Predictive Demographics empowers brands to connect with relevant demographic audiences, without relying on privacy-infringing methodologies.

How it works

  1. Every page of the browsing session is meticulously scanned
  1. AI assigns a typical reader’s gender and age
  1. We enhance effectiveness by combining predictive demographics from multiple reading sessions

Initial results speak for themselves

For the last eight months, Predictive Demographics has been yielding incredible results on our DSP.

  • Predictive Demographics delivers up to 10x more impressions than third-party cookie-based demographic segments, enabling advertisers to find and reach more of their target audience than existing cookie-based solutions
  • Our unique privacy-centric solution not only facilitates access to large audience segments but also slashes costs significantly by streamlining vendor involvement. On average, eCPMs of campaigns using Predictive Demographics are 37% more efficient
  • With a current adoption rate surpassing traditional third-party segments by 25 to 40%, advertisers are embracing the solution for its ability to enhance campaign performance and prioritize privacy-centric audience targeting

Source: Internal data from 2024 Outbrain DSP campaigns 

The Future of AI-Powered Audiences

Advancements in AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), present an unprecedented opportunity to address signal loss and offer new, effective solutions to connect with ideal audiences while preserving their privacy. Combining AI with extensive interest and contextual data is particularly promising in unlocking both reach and results.

While Predictive Demographics is our flagship product, we’ll be releasing enhanced AI-powered products in the near future, including modeled segments to curate new, discoverable audiences.

With Onyx Audience Solutions, the stage is set for advertisers to achieve remarkable brand outcomes, forge authentic connections with audiences, and chart a course toward a more privacy-centric internet. 

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