Elvie & Outbrain Brand Studio: Re-Imagining Engagement, From Concept to Launch

Since the launch of Outbrain Brand Studio, we’ve been able to help brands that are looking for alternative methods and channels to engage their audiences across the open web. It’s a simple formula, which includes blending creativity, data, and a world of experience to drive attention and engagement – not just impressions or views.

One of Outbrain Brand Studio’s recent collaborations was with Elvie, a bold female technology brand that is turning ‘taboo’ topics into top-notch products for women. The femtech leader has had a successful history with Outbrain’s core service, scaling its brand and products across different markets, and winning a Digiday award for Best Use of Video back in 2020.

Looking to treat Outbrain as a more dynamic platform, Elvie challenged Outbrain Brand Studio to create an engaging experience that resonates with the brand’s open-web audience by taking part in a one-day workshop.

Today, we’re happy to share that the Brand Studio team’s work with Elvie has received recognition on both sides of the pond, earning High Commendation by PerformanceIn for Best Brand Engagement Campaign, while taking home the Audience Honor for Best Mobile Campaign at the Shorty Awards. Take a look back at what made this campaign with Elvie one of the industry’s most innovative and engaging on the open web:

Data-Led Creative Strategy

In order to demonstrate its transformative product lineup to potential users, Elvie selected Outbrain Brand Studio to provide an alternative method to engage its audiences and reach new ones. The brand collaborated in a one-day, immersive workshop with our Brand Studio team to exchange audience insights, crucial to driving the creative process and shaping a new campaign purpose-built for engagement.

The session was a strategic opportunity to leverage the information gathered and create data-backed custom experiences on the go. We compared differences and similarities between open-web audience behavior and Elvie’s insights to align a strategic direction. For example, we learned that Elvie’s audience prioritized information and results about the product, while at the same time, enjoying an experience that was both inspiring and entertaining.

Engaging by Design

The collaboration culminated in the design of an interactive experience with a variety of creative elements for users to engage with Elvie’s new product: Stride. Audiences were able to swipe through different cards to see end-user reviews, followed by watching a product-featured video, providing several touchpoints for users to engage with the brand.

After refining creative elements to maximize impact, the campaign was launched the same day across our platform. The Brand Studio and Elvie teams continued looking at ways to refine the creative design in real time – changing logo, background color, CTA, and more to increase engagement. Advertising through Outbrain ensured that Elvie reached consumers who were interested in learning about its new product.


After just four weeks, Brand Studio was able to deliver a 100% video completion rate that was 11x higher than other paid channels. The average video view time was 2.3x higher than paid social, and these engaged audiences also carried a 30% lower bounce rate versus all other paid channels.

The Elvie team was pleased with the outcome of the workshop. Lucia Cisneros, Global Digital Marketing Lead at Elvie, had this to say:

“We’re continually impressed with how Outbrain pushes boundaries and embraces the digital canvas in innovative ways to garner high attention and rich engagement for our open-web audiences. While we’ve worked with Outbrain for a few years on a variety of efforts, this unique collaboration with Brand Studio demonstrated their capability to move beyond their traditional working-model to drive intuitive mobile brand experiences, surpassing all other paid channels.”

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