Outbrain & Elvie Take Home the Digiday Award Win For Best Use of Video 2020

We’re excited to announce that Outbrain and Elvie were selected by Digiday as the winner of the Best Use of Video for 2020 for the Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe!

“We’re thrilled to have won the Best Use of Video Digiday Award, alongside Elvie. Our Native Smartads targeted more than 900,000 consumers for the brand and were a huge traffic driver,” said Amit Elisha, Vice President of Product at Outbrain. “Winning this prestigious award is an honor, considering that Havas Group and The Wall Street Journal have won in prior years. We are privileged to be included in this category.”

“We’re really proud to have won the Best Use of Video Award, especially as we were up against such great brands. We’ve partnered with Outbrain for over two years now and this campaign was extremely successful at increasing brand awareness for Elvie,” said Lucia Cisneros, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Elvie.

As a brand with a mission to improve women’s lives through smarter technology, Elvie wanted an advertising partner that would help bring attention to its female-forward products in an effective and engaging manner. Elvie leveraged Outbrain’s retargeting technology to drive conversions lower down the funnel to this pre-educated audience that was already engaged with its content. 

With Outbrain’s Video Smartads, combined with proprietary interest and targeting technology, Elvie maximized its creative video campaign by tapping into the reach of the open web. As a result, Elvie reached more than 900,000 engaged consumers for its campaign. Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch solution proved its power as an ideal format for deeper storytelling and ensuring a 100% engaged and opted-in audience.

To learn more about Elvie’s work with Outbrain, be sure to check out our case study together.

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