[Webinar Recap] Outbrain for Advertisers: Live FAQ

[Webinar Recap] Outbrain for Advertisers: Live FAQ

Whenever possible, it’s best to get knowledge straight from the source. That was the raison d’etre behind our very latest webinar, which went live yesterday – Outbrain for Advertisers: Live FAQ.

Advertisers and marketers from all over the world joined our hosts Zane Jandsten, Associate Director of Customer Support, and Keren Zimbris, Head of Content Compliance, to get answers (live!) to their most pressing questions about everything to do with Outbrain content compliance and support.

The webinar covered so many hot topics especially for Outbrain advertisers, including how to get content approved on the network, how to optimize for conversions, and the best way to define campaign budgets.

This and a whole lot more is waiting for you in our webinar recording, which you can watch right here:

We’ve also got the slide deck for you, so feel free to take a leisurely walk through the entire webinar, at your own pace.

Outbrain for Advertisers: Live FAQ from Outbrain

We’ve got more webinars planned for 2019, covering everything Outbrain, content and native advertising (and some cool special guests too).

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