Outbrain 2018 – A Content Year to Remember

Outbrain 2018 - A Content Year to Remember

New Year’s Eve. There’s no better time to reflect on all that was in 2018. It’s been a great year at the Outbrain blog, full of content that we hope helped build your performance marketing skills.

Just before the countdown and the fireworks begin, let’s go on a quick whirl through this year’s content highlights. Thanks for being a part of it!

Our Top 5 Blog Posts

The top 5 Outbrain blogs are a great indicator of what you – our readers – were focused on this year. From CTR to B2B to dark social, here are the stories that were most talked about and shared in 2018:

How to Improve CTR in 7 Easy Steps

It’s an evergreen topic that is never far from the minds of advertisers – how to boost the CTR of your native ad campaigns.

This post includes a roundup of practical advice and tips from Outbrain’s online acquisition team, concluding with inspirational advice from Nir Elharar, Outbrain’s Head of Online Acquisition.

13 Advanced Retargeting Tips to Take Your ROI to the Next Level

This popular post tackles the challenge of conversion rate with one of our favorite performance marketing tactics – retargeting or remarketing.

The article includes 13 advanced retargeting techniques to boost your campaign ROI, including technical tips and screenshots for more experienced performance marketers.

Putting the Spotlight on Dark Social

One of the aims of the Outbrain blog is to present new perspectives from inside the industry.

This article did just that, by revealing the challenges of the hidden world of dark social. Dark social is clearly a hot topic – readers were all over this post, and it got loads of shares. We hope it shined a light on your performance marketing results too.

Outbrain Tips & Tools to Help Scale Your Sales

At the Outbrain blog, we sometimes venture past the marketing funnel into sales territory – like in this post about how to scale your outbound sales.

Written by Outbrain’s own sales team lead in NY, this post got heaps of traction, which means our readers love to learn about sales too. Note taken. Watch out for more inspiring sales content in 2019.

Top 5 B2B Content Marketing Rules to Remember

Sometimes, it helps to go back to basics. This post gives an overview of B2B content marketing, and how it’s different from B2C.

We cover the big-picture aspects (i.e. B2B customers are human too! ) as well as practical tips (i.e use interest targeting to find your B2B audience). This post hit the spot with our readers, so we’ll be sure to provide more B2B content in the future.

Under the Influence

No, we’re not talking about New Year’s champagne – we’re talking about digital marketing influencers.

This past year, Outbrain hosted a bunch of webinars with guest presenters from all over the world. Definite highlights included our webinar with none other than marketing guru Larry Kim about the top 10 PPC marketing hacks.

It was a fantastic hour delving into PPC with one of the world’s best known digital marketers (and his unicorns!).

We were also thrilled to host the legendary Andy Crestodina, who presented on a topic that never, ever grows old – how to turn your website visitors into leads. It’s THE issue that digital marketers face every single day, and who better to hear from than Andy, who sits on the frontlines of this particular battle every day.

And later in the year, we were so excited to work with Nas Daily, the video content superstar, at an amazing live event for digital marketers in Israel. We also interviewed Nas for an eye-opening Q&A blog post in which he gave some terrific advice to aspiring video marketers all over the world.

Goodbye 2018, and thanks for the memories.

If you thought 2018 was interesting, wait till you see what we’ve got in store for 2019.

See you next year!


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