[Webinar Recap] How To Turn Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Liraz Postan
Liraz Postan

Webinar After party- Andy Crestodina

Yesterday, Outbrain’s Will Magley hosted online marketing guru Andy Crestodina in a super-informative webinar covering some amazing practical tips about how to turn your web traffic into leads. What a webinar it was!

Aside from loads of helpful content squeezed into just one hour, Andy and Will did a great job of turning actionable conversion tactics into lots of fun. The audience submitted great questions, which were answered live by Andy in the Q&A session.

If you couldn’t make it to the webinar, or if you want to watch a rerun and get even more out of the webinar, here’s the recording. Watch now:

One of the key points Andy made during the webinar was the importance of providing evidence about why your audience should take action on your web page.

According to Andy, there are two kinds of evidence that will really work to boost your conversion rates. Watch the video to find out more. In the meantime, check out this slide from the webinar, when Andy shows an example of an Amazon product page where 43% of the page content is ‘proof’ or evidence of how good the product is.

This is just a taste of the down-to-earth, easy-to-digest conversion tactics that Andy is famous for – we enjoyed a full hour of this, and you can too!

Don’t be satisfied with just a taste. Here’s the entire slideshow:

If you’ve ever felt you could be doing more to boost your conversion rate, but never quite knew where to start – start with this webinar recording. And start getting the leads you’ve always dreamed of.



P.S. We've got tons of great ideas for growth!

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Liraz Postan

Liraz Postan

Liraz is an international SEO and content expert, helping brands and publishers grow through search engines. She is Outbrain's former SEO and Content Director and previously worked in the gaming, B2C and B2B industries for more than a decade.

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