After-Party! Highlights from Outbrain’s Recent Webinar with Larry Kim

Outbrain Webinar with Larry kim

Last week, Outbrain’s VP Brands Miko Levy hosted a live webinar with the one and only Larry Kim– CEO of MobileMonkey focusing on the top 10 PPC Marketing Hacks for 2018. It was a really informative, hack-packed hour with loads of useful tips, technical tricks and broader strategic lessons, plenty of unicorn allusions, and a quick Q & A session to wrap up.

Miko presented the first 5 hacks, inspired by some of the tricks used by Outbrain’s online acquisition team to increase conversions in their own performance marketing activities. Then Larry took the unicorn reins and presented his 5 favorite hacks, which covered everything from Google Adwords to Facebook and Twitter. He also discussed the new, up-and-coming approach to targeting – Facebook Messenger on mobile – which is only used by 1% of marketers, yet delivers incredible conversion rates. And of course, both Larry and Miko wandered into Outbrain territory and discussed how the high quality and properly vetted Outbrain publisher network is so important to getting genuine, valuable clicks.

To really get the full meal of Larry and Miko’s PPC wisdom, we recommend watching the webinar recording:

Here’s a bite-size round up of the top 10 PPC hacks that every performance marketer needs to know:

Miko’s PPC Hacks

#1: Retarget by your long tail keywords.

#2: Want better B2B marketing? Retarget by your Linkedin connections.

#3: Don’t be afraid to use emojis in your campaigns. They totally help to boost CTR.

#4: Reverse engineer your conversion funnel. See what works, and walk it back to adapt to other campaigns and audiences.

#5: Dynamically customize your landing page for each audience type. (For a more highlight explanation about using GTM for the lookup table, you can use these links: look-up table on tag manager explanation, RegEx using tag manager)

See Outbrain Slides

5 PPC Native Advertising Hacks from Outbrain

Larry’s PPC Hacks

#1: “Inverted unicorn” method – Target two completely unrelated interests and you’ll get a more engaged audience.

#2: Forget news feeds and landing pages. Go straight to your audience with Facebook Messenger.

#3: Create a unicorn slush fund instead of blowing your monthly PPC budget on poorly performing ads.

#4: How to eliminate 90% of click fraud on Google Display Network and Facebook.

#5: Use brand affinity to double or even triple your CTR.

See Larry’s slides:

PPC hacks by Larry Kim from Outbrain


Huge thanks to Larry Kim for joining with Miko to give us his top PPC tips.

Thank you for all your tweets, we hope you enjoyed the session. Stay tuned for more #outbrainwebinars!

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