Summer Vibes in London

Summer vibes are on! This might indeed be one of the hottest summers that I can remember, but that did not stop us from going all in. We like to say we “work hard and play hard”, and with that mantra we are moving the needle in the ad tech space and growing constantly as a team. 

On this occasion, the London-based team gathered in the office to kick off the day with a scavenger hunt around the city. We split into groups to start what became a very competitive race to our final destination – BBQ & frozen margaritas! 

A little competition never hurt anyone, right? 

Apart from completing our mission to safeguard independent and sustainable journalism as a critically important pillar for society, Outbrainers love to spend time with each other, bonding together as a team. We are a strong community of passionate people who enjoy each other’s company. 

The People and Culture team is always trying to nurture that space to engage with the rest of the teams and have fun together. Nonetheless, when it comes to being competitive and wanting to win … we are all up for the challenge. The scavenger hunt was a testimony to the passion, commitment, and drive all of us have to take part in a game and of course win. After all, winnerism is one of the values in the Outbrain culture manifesto! 

We had to convince strangers to take selfies with us, run from one spot to the other, do the Macarena dance in the middle of Camden, and respond to many impossible word riddles! 

No need to mention that my team won! 

Making memories together

We like to make new memories together – and what better way to capture all the fun moments than our IG stories! This is why we decided to do a Summer Party Instagram Takeover, in which we shared the experience and the vibe from the inside with all of you. You can zoom into the day here!

But it’s not always about throwing a party. When we meet and spend time together, we also like to work on causes that are dear to our heart. In fact, I am myself part of OB Green, an employee-led group that is driving internal environmental change. Did you know our t-shirts for the summer party are made of organic cotton? We know that the small gestures count, and we are committed to lead by example and rethink the way we work to be more environmentally friendly. Learn more about OB Green here. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, check out our careers page and see if there is an interesting role open for you. 

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