Singapore EDB teams up with Outbrain to solve its Biggest Challenge

|Kriti Jetley

Singapore EDB teams up with Outbrain to solve its Biggest Challenge

Economic Development Board (EDB) Singapore is responsible for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business centre. With a core mission to position Singapore as a lucrative and sustainable economic market for businesses EDB started their relationship with Outbrain in 2013.

Based out of Singapore, they leveraged Outbrain’s platform to reach relevant audiences in the United States. Back then, EDB started with a pilot campaign comprising a couple of content pieces in their ‘Singapore Business News” section that they wanted to amplify. Ever since, they have been using learnings and insights from their content campaigns to continuously and consistently create new content that is effective in reaching out to the core audiences and thereby increasing SBN’s subscriber base and content distribution in the US.

We worked closely with the EDB team through this journey, carefully crafting the campaign strategy to suit the needs of the brand. Today, SBN content is not only successful in attracting relevant audiences, but is also seen engaging with this audience at a level much deeper than that.

Singapore EDB teams up with Outbrain to solve its Biggest Challenge


  • 90% Unique Visitors driven month-on-month to SBN content
  • More than 900 engaged users discover EDB content in the US Daily
  • Over the year, EDB saw an ever increasing, engaged audience land on their pages:
    • 400% increase in CTR
    • 3 mins average time spent on site


Dane Lim, Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications at EDB also said “ By taking a holistic approach to content marketing and partnering with Outbrain, we were able to reach our audiences in an authentic way. Tailored content, an optimised website and targeted amplification allowed us to drive high engagement, and ultimately conversions in the form of news letter sign ups.”

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Kriti Jetley

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