Outbrain Unveil: Discover the New Rules of Marketing Engagement

In 2020, we saw marketers revisiting their strategies to compete in one of the most highly saturated online landscapes ever seen.

Forced to find new, reliable, and creative ways to connect with consumers who went online to work, learn, shop, socialize, and more in response to a global pandemic, the business of digital fundamentally changed before our eyes, and rapidly.

According to our very own Brands & Agencies Poll, 33.3% of marketers sought to adapt budgets to get the most from the least investment, while 31.3% attempted to develop effective ad campaigns in the face of dynamic audience needs.

“What has most changed for your agency or brand this year?”

But which channels were especially strategic for generating ROI and maximizing revenue, and what activities, formats, and technologies should brands prioritize as we forge ahead into 2021?

We’ll share the answers to this (and more!) during Outbrain Unveil, our exclusive, one-time virtual event happening on Wednesday, January 27th — across three time zones, at that (12 PM AEDT, 11 AM CEDT, and 11 AM EDT).

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We’re already feeling the excitement — are you?

The Official Agenda

2021 is set to be a make-it-or-break-it year for many brands, and time is precious, which is why we’ve rolled our exciting lineup of speakers and content into an action-packed 45-minute event.

Opening Remarks

Outbrain’s Co-CEOs, Yaron Galai and David Kostman, sit down to discuss trends seen across the platform throughout the 2020 year, the growing importance of a free and open press, as well as the biggest growth category and opportunity in digital advertising today.

The Rise of D2C

A number of key industries, from restaurants to fashion, have pivoted to accommodate selling online, building out their direct to consumer channels. We’ll dive into what this means for marketers who are looking to connect with consumers, where they are.

Game-Changing Ad Experiences

Rising consumer expectations have created a need for greater advertising balance between creative and placement. A few brands have been able to leverage Outbrain’s range of new ad formats with tremendous success — find out who they are and how 2021 will bring even better, more relevant experiences.

A Need for Smarter Tools

The expectation from marketing in 2021 is through the roof, requiring teams to do more with less resources in order to drive the right results at the right price. Discover a few of the tools that will allow your team to save time and be more efficient when it comes to optimizing ad campaigns.

Capturing Mobile Moments

Awareness as a brand-builder has become exceedingly difficult to achieve, especially on mobile. Most end up turning to social channels to fight for consumer attention, where there is even less control over the brand experience. But did you know teams don’t have to sacrifice brand safety for high visibility? Wait until you see this one…

Overcoming the Paradox of Choice

With so many platforms and format choices, it can be difficult to know where to invest for the greatest returns. Learn more about why brands must place a premium on vendors that augment the buying process and a few of the solutions that have emerged to make life easier for their teams.

State of the (Digital Marketing) Industry

Digiday’s Chief Strategy Officer, David Amrani, and Editor-in-Chief, James Cooper, share a candid conversation about how the old models of publishing and media have had to evolve and where the industry is going in 2021 and beyond. The future of monetization is here, don’t miss it!

Purpose-Driven Marketing

Advertising can be extremely effective and memorable when done right. And this last year, it’s been inspiring to see just how many brands took a stand for what they believe in. In hopes of sharing that inspiration with you, we’re shining a spotlight on the brands that backed both their customers and teams, genuinely and powerfully.

Can’t Wait to See You There!

If you are interested in challenging the status quo through unique and innovative digital advertising techniques, join us for Outbrain Unveil on January 27th (no matter your time zone).

And remember, if you can’t make it, simply register and we’ll share the recording so you can watch when it’s most convenient for you.

2021, here we come.

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