Exclusive Agency-Predicted Trends for 2021

As we’ve crossed the finish line for what was the non-refundable ticket to the roller coaster called 2020 — pause for a collective sigh of relief — there’s still one (uncomfortably big!) question lingering around…

“What trends and tactics from 2020 are still going to impact our digital strategies going into the New Year?”

It’s a fair point — given how 2020 has drastically changed the way Marketers connect with online audiences. Which is why we asked the top insiders to help — the Agency experts.

And while they weren’t shy about dishing which buyer insights are catching their eyes going into 2021, we’d be lying if we said those were the only insights coming your way soon.

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Exclusive 2021 consumer trends, product sneak peeks, and guest appearances from industry titans like Digiday. All reasons to block off that calendar of yours ASAP.

All signed up? Perfect — take it away Agency folks!

2021 Predictions


“With online activity for consumers still ramping up, brands will continue to personalize digital touchpoints — customizing the buyer journey to fit individual audience needs to innovatively stand out and promote long-term loyalty.”

Alex Elsey, Performics


“Historically, cost per engagement (CPE) has been the primary goal, but for 2021, we’re looking to shift a heavier focus towards ROAS, as a long-term strategy to ensure we’re driving business outcomes, and to utilize CPE as a secondary goal, for more granular, short-term optimizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our media.”

Taylor Hobbs, OMD


“A persisting media trend that will continue into 2021 is the crucial need for advertisers to reach desired target audiences by testing new and growing platforms — from assessing the role each online channel plays within the bigger, full-funnel picture to even exploring how “cord-cutting” subscription trends affect the new digital customer journey.”

Lauren Michelac, Digitas


“Given online discovery has taken center stage for consumers, brands will keep finding ways to bring customized in-store experiences to the webpage  — creatively leveraging digital campaigns to support both eCommerce and traditional brick and mortar goals, with the individual needs of target audiences in mind.”

Rosie Nardulli, Empower

Not bad, right? And remember, that’s just the tip of the insight-iceberg. Outbrain Unveil is just around the corner — meaning there’s not a whole lot of time left to RSVP and hear even more expert industry predictions.

Just don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions in the meantime — we’re always around to chat.

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