Meet OB//3: The Trilogy of Ad Optimization

Outbrains ad optimization tools

What’s the secret to great advertising? Having the solutions to create high-performing, converting ads while getting optimal return for your dollar spent. 

Now, imagine taking those solutions another step forward in 2024, where the only manual work needed for ad optimization is defining your budget (no matter how capped), important metrics (anyone say ROAS?), and objectives (hello, conversions.) 

Time to believe it, because that’s the automated reality of OB//3 — Outbrain’s new trilogy of tools for the performance-minded marketer.

From defining your bidding to setting the right audience and creative strategies, never miss a campaign goal again with our suite of auto-optimization products.

Part I: Bidding

Your bidding strategy is the starting point to maximizing the value of your campaign. Think about it — you might have the most engaging creative targeted to the perfect audience, but even the best campaigns aren’t enough to maximize your ROAS without the proper bid strategy. Problem is, adjusting your bids takes a lot of time and effort that performance marketers like yourselves simply don’t have.

Rather than manually work your way to success, there’s a way to guarantee CPA goals are met even with strict CPA targets and limited flexibility. As one of the four modes available through Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy tool, Target CPA is a fully “hands-off” mode that auto-adjusts bids to drive as many conversions as possible at your defined target goal, delivering a 25% lower average CPA and 135% average ROAS.

Part II: Audience

It’s time to consider smarter targeting methods to reach your highest value conversion-ready audiences. How about an efficient way to find new consumers ready to become your loyal paying customers?

Lookalike Audiences is an auto-targeting option that does exactly as it sounds — reaching new people likely to be interested in your business because they “look similar” to existing customers or converters. Created using data from what consumers read on our network and the sites in which they show interest, Lookalike Audiences improves performance by uncovering attributes (interests, behaviors) of known purchasers or converters, and targets these attributes among other customers, at scale. Marketers benefit from a consistent decrease in CPA, while driving 85% higher CTRs and 50% higher conversion rates.

Part III: Creative

The best consumer experiences are personalized — and they’re also dynamic, meaning you’ll need to show a variety of placements and creatives to get the best response (and results!).

In order to take advantage, you’ll want both aspects to be auto-optimized. Outbrain’s Dynamic Ad Formatting ensures your ad is formatted to resemble the environment of the publisher site in which it appears, while delivering your ad in placements predicted to drive the most clicks and conversions.

Want to take a closer look at what OB//3 can do for you? Be sure to check out our guide and discover the features that remove the guesswork for great campaign results.

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