[Event Recap] 3 Highlights from Outbrain’s 2021 Unveil

We all know the significance of 2021 for many brands out there: it’s a make-or-break year.

Marketing engagement has resurfaced in a completely new way due to accelerated shifts in consumer behavior, which is exactly the reason we pulled back the curtain to our brainy world in this all-virtual, client-focused event — Outbrain Unveil. Drawing in a global gathering of brands and agencies, Unveil showcased the exciting innovations, products, and trends leading us into this new advertising era.

Didn’t get a chance to watch? No problem, we’ve got the full recording to make sure you’re not left behind. Or if you’re looking for a quick recap, read on to discover three of the top moments from the unveiling.

UNVEILED: New Ad Experiences

We’re living in an era where purpose marketing is on the rise, and as consumer attention and preferences change, so must your engagement strategy.

At Outbrain, we’ve always strived to create advertising experiences that consumers love, while supporting marketers’ goals to drive business growth. And over the past year, we’ve continued to deliver a range of new ad experiences that bring the best of both worlds.

Outbrain’s Smartads, from Click-to-Watch Video and Carousel to App Install, not only distinguish our platform within the native advertising industry, but also help drive the competition against Google and Facebook. That’s because each Smartad is powered by our proprietary interest data, enabling marketers to meet brand KPIs and allow greater relevance to consumers.

UNVEILED: Native Awareness+ for Brand Building

Statements by leading brands over the past year, like the boycott against Facebook, are a call to action for a needed alternative that allows marketers to achieve the scale they crave without compromising their brand’s reputation.

Well, that call was answered yet again if you watched Faye Liddle-Moore’s presentation on our brand new Native Awareness+ product suite. Consisting of three rich creative formats — Native Display, Native Social and Native Video marketers can leverage existing assets or create new experiences from scratch — all of which provide a seamless, brand-safe experience for your brand to stand out across the open web.

UNVEILED: Optimization Tools for Greater ROAS

2021 is a pivotal year for driving growth as marketers are expected to do more with less, ensuring that each dollar counts towards results. Brands want to see profit, and fast.

Chances are though, you don’t have the time and effort to expend in manually working your way to success. Fortunately, there are now tools available to auto-optimize your goals so that you can focus on your business. Our Chief of Staff, Veronica Gonzalez, dives into Conversion Bid Strategy, which we completely overhauled in the past year so that the power of our machine learning maximizes results and eliminates effort. Only bid the true value of the action that matters most to you.

There’s plenty more we shed light on to deliver the very best consumer experiences in 2021 — the only question is, do you choose make it or break it?

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