Outbrain Sets the Native Scene in The Netherlands at Emerce Digital Marketing Live 2022

Adrien Boespflug
Adrien Boespflug

Outbrain Benelux is growing fast and is hence setting the Native scene in the Netherlands. Attending the main Digital Marketing events is obviously key to leading the industry in these challenging times. 

To help educate the market about the benefits of Native for advertisers, Maggie Flick, Managing Director Outbrain Benelux, went on stage not once but twice at the Emerce Digital Marketing Live on June 2nd, 2022.

  1. “Native Speed Dating – Full-funnel Cookieless Solutions” highlighted the benefits of Outbrain native solutions: 
    • Compared to ads shown on social media platforms, ads shown on premium news sites are +44% more likely to be trusted, +21% more likely to be clicked, and +24% more likely to lead to future purchases.
    • 95% of consumers have a negative experience towards brands that disrupt them online and 66% ignore brands that interrupt their online experience (SAPIO).
    • They are brand safe thanks to content verification, specialized 100% share of voice placement, full transparency and control, and a highly trusted content feed. 
    • They rely solely on first-party cookies, use Outbrain’s +15 years of experience in interest and contextual targeting, and can be connected to DMPs & API.
    • Case study: Outbrain Outperforms Social and Display in Driving Engaged Visitors for Samsung in the Netherlands
  1. “Scale Your Business & Profits Using Native Advertising” explained the native success story of Finanzguru. Simon Alfter, VP of Marketing at Finanzguru, and Maggie went on stage together to lay out the key steps towards successful campaigns with Outbrain:
    • Understand your user flow and what makes them engage with your content. 
    • Ensure your content is tailored to Native and do not hesitate to run A/B tests to get insights.
    • Target the right users with appropriate content and creatives.
    • Test and optimize your content, copy, creatives, landing pages and targeting. 

Native Advertising is an effective channel to support advertisers’ digital media mix throughout the marketing funnel, from awareness to conversions, without relying on third-party cookies. Indeed, GDPR and the cookie depreciation planned for next year are currently reshuffling the cards for digital marketing campaigns. This means that cookieless solutions are becoming more and more important for brands. 

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Adrien Boespflug

Adrien Boespflug

Adrien Boespflug is the Marketing Manager France & Benelux at Outbrain and is responsible for all the marketing activities in this region. Previously, he worked as a Marketing Specialist at the Performance Review Institute: a global authority in the aerospace and medical devices industries. In his spare time, Adrien enjoys composing music and doing all sorts of sports, preferably outdoor and where adrenaline and high intensity are involved such as freeskiing, wakeboarding, longboarding, tennis, cycling, and much more.