How We’re Benefiting Publishers by Advancing the Open Web for Advertisers

Onyx: Advancing the Open Web for Publishers

Throughout Outbrain’s 15-year heritage, we’ve continuously built cutting edge technology that maximizes the value of ever-changing audience interactions on the open web. 

Our direct relationships with publishers and strong demand business uniquely positions us as a leading advertising platform – one that helps brands and media owners create meaningful connections with their audiences and drive business impact.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Onyx by Outbrain™, an innovative open-web solution designed to drive stronger brand impact by optimizing for user attention.

This offering is fueled by Outbrain’s powerful AI technology, which is continuously processing over 1 billion engagement signals per minute to predict when users are ready to take action. We’re now using that proprietary technology to answer a pertinent market need: understanding and optimizing moments of consumer attention. 

Onyx is our solution to drive greater attention and corresponding impact for brands across the open web. In tandem, it’s our solution to expand and evolve the value we bring to our long-standing publisher partners, who’ve trusted us to balance sustainable monetization with quality editorial engagement for 15+ years. 

Onyx will bring publishers rich, quality demand, primarily across video and high-impact display experiences, to help tap into the full potential of open-web advertising budgets with one partner across awareness, consideration, and performance.

Incorporating Onyx into our offering is fundamental to driving growing revenues for publishers from page monetization. Here are a few publisher benefits:

We will deliver optimized revenues: 

Outbrain has always been a reliable revenue partner, delivering sustainable revenues year round. The addition of campaigns with upper funnel objectives brings higher CPMs to our demand, ultimately leading to higher revenues for our partners. 

Incremental monetization opportunity: 

Publishers can drive incremental revenues by partnering with Outbrain for monetization of their pages. Additionally, publishers with direct integrations will benefit from our full multiformat demand suite.

Greater user experience thanks to quality creatives: 

We strive to deliver quality creatives on publishers’ highly visible placements. As part of this commitment, our award-winning Brand Studio supports brands with customized experiences that drive greater attention, interaction, and engagement – ultimately resulting in a better experience for your users.

Today, publishers who use Outbrain will benefit from the advantages offered by Onyx in our demand business. 

In today’s challenging landscape, reaching audiences with impact has become essential. Customization is a powerful tool for publishers to create engaging experiences by tailoring content to the specific interests and preferences of their audience. 

Our AI-driven layouts predict moments of high attention with users, allowing us to deliver highly impactful advertising and budgets. By leveraging Smartlogic, we can deliver optimal predictions for editorial content and ads, ensuring a highly effective and engaging user experience.
Furthermore, our decisioning engine operates without intrusive or highly individualized data, safeguarding readers’ privacy. Through Smartlogic, readers enjoy tailored experiences without compromising their privacy, as our engine doesn’t rely on invasive data collection methods.

For over 15 years we’ve created technology that understands readers’ behaviors and preferences, empowering publishers to increase user engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, revenues with more relevant, engaging, and valuable content.

The addition of Onyx to our offering is opening the path to becoming a one-stop solution for our advertiser partners.

Join us as we innovate and deliver solutions to drive the future of sustainable media.

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