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Ono Academic College: An Interview with Yishai Katz-Schonfeld [Video]

We sat down with Yishai Katz-Schonfeld, CMO of Ono Academic College, Israel’s largest college. He told us more about how he reached new audiences and drove leads for his brand with Outbrain.

Learn more in the video below.

Jennifer Bassett

Jennifer Bassett

Jennifer is Outbrain's former Managing Editor. She has 10+ years of experience in the content strategy and editorial space. She began her career as a book editor and has consulted for top agencies, non-profits, and media companies including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Havas Worldwide New York, and Interbrand. When she's not talking content, she's playing music with her bands The Missing Footage and The Living Kills. You can read more of her writing at jennifer-bassett.com.