[Case Study] Nestle Gets Tasty Results with Outbrain FOCUS

[Case Study] Nestle Gets Tasty Results with Outbrain Native Video Campaign

Nestle, the Swiss-based international food company, places a strong focus on local markets, including Outbrain’s R&D home of Israel.

In Israel, Nestle markets Petit Beurre, a shortbread-style biscuit that is a favorite in baking and dessert recipes.

In the lead up to Israel’s traditional holiday season in September, Nestle launched a native video campaign for the Petit Beurre brand, featuring fast, fun dessert recipes using the popular biscuit.

The video was promoted on Outbrain via the FOCUS Click-to-Watch video platform, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

FOCUS drives High Video Engagement and completion rate

Outbrain FOCUS achieved 2X higher completion rates than YouTube, and 3X higher rates than Facebook!
Nestle video campaign

The Nestle FOCUS video campaign combined three features that helped bring amazing results:

Click-to-Watch Gets Higher Engagement

A key feature of FOCUS, compared to other native video platforms, is the “Click-to-Watch” approach, rather than the usual “Click-to-Skip.”

In order to view the video, users have to actively click to watch. This means that their intent, from the outset, is to engage with the video.

With Click-to-Watch, rather than forcing the viewer to sit through a pre-roll video, the viewer is watching because they have chosen to. This leads to higher completion rates and average viewing times. In the case of the Nestle campaign, average viewing time was 35 out of 50 seconds.

Long-Form Video Gives a Deeper Brand Story

Today’s audiences have short attention spans. One of the challenges of a native video is getting the brand story across in just a few seconds. The FOCUS solution changes all that.

The Nestle campaign shows that when viewers choose to watch, they are primed for a longer, deeper video experience.

FOCUS gave Nestle a platform to showcase its Petit Beurre brand in a longer video that was relevant and entertaining. This is clear from the results: 64% of viewers watched 75% of the video.

Long videos aren’t a turn off; on the contrary, when the audience is engaged, longer videos work better to support a strong brand message.

Target the Best Audience

Creating and distributing great video content is just part of the story. Another ingredient in the success of the Nestle campaign was the targeting.

Using Amplify’s targeting toolkit, the Nestle video was served to an audience whose authentic interests matched those of the campaign. For example, people who love baking, nostalgic foodies, and those searching for recipes were the main target audience.

And the proof is in the pudding (!): fully half the people who watched the video did so on the Outbrain platform. Indeed, the viewers who saw the video via Outbrain were much more likely to be truly interested in the subject matter and much more likely to engage.

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