In Our Engineers We Trust

At Outbrain, we have a special phrase that we live by: “Trust the other side”. What we mean by this is, trust other departments within the business. Often as a global organization, working in different locations and sometimes far away from one another, with varying skills and jobs to do, we may end up thinking we know better, or perhaps that the others are not doing their job. Having trust in each other is something we are very particular about at Outbrain. 

With this in mind, part of building that trust is being transparent and sharing what the teams are up to! That is the one of the reasons why we have decided to launch our internal engineering career fairs. 

During these gatherings, we get to chat with each other, learn about the different Research and Development (R&D) projects currently being worked on, and explore open opportunities for ourselves and for those in our network outside of Outbrain.

Great conversations spark change!

The exchanges at our engineering fairs are enriching for all Outbrainers involved. For example, it helps engineers understand what other products are being built within R&D and maybe (why not?) find their next career step within the company. 

Career development is a big one for us. One way of enabling internal moves can be having one-to-one conversations with your manager to express curiosity about other projects, or go to the internal careers page and check out what new roles are currently advertised. The career fair makes it all even more exciting, as we get to meet other managers and team members and have a better understanding of future opportunities for ourselves. At the same time, we know our engineers have lots of engineer friends. Understanding the full opportunity landscape within Outbrain enables them to refer friends and get new talent onboard. 

For our leaders and managers, it is a day to spoil our engineers with special treats. We want to acknowledge their passion and drive to build the most innovative products in the industry! Without the best talent to execute a vision, that’s all you’ve got – a vision. Success requires much more than that!

Ori, Outbrain co-founder, takes the time to pop by and meet the team

For me, as part of the Talent team, the engineering career fair is a fantastic opportunity to check on new hires, and see how they are adapting to their new job and to Outbrain. What’s more, learning more about the teams and what they are doing is really helpful to ensure we offer a positive recruitment experience and realistic onboarding! Again here, it is about trust and transparency. Only by knowing the teams and managers can we do what is necessary to make sure our new hires are set up for success and they know exactly what to expect once becoming an Outbrainer. On top of that, referrals are a great source of talent for us in OB. Pop over to our blog by software engineer Tomer Yuval, and read his story about how it feels to work with a childhood friend at Outbrain. Bring your friend to work is one of our mottos! 

Join the circle of trust

If you are open to a new challenge, take a peek at the picture below. This is us, the People and Culture team, at Outbrain’s Netanya office, and the company’s R&D center. We are here, ready to have an open chat with you about what it is to be an Outbrainer, the new technology we are building, and our office culture.

We also recommend you check out our careers page to find the open roles in your region.  

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