7 Tips to Raise the Bar for Your Health & Wellness Campaigns

Cyrus Jabbari
Cyrus Jabbari

Whether it’s to fuel a diet, be more active, or better support our well-being, consumer education plays a major part in depicting a health brand as a thought leader in its field. Now more than ever, the general public relies on leading, trusted news sites to gain knowledge and discover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of new products and services.

That’s precisely the reason for Native Discovery – to help brands reach consumers looking for that “what’s next” moment and open up new demand that traditional channels like search simply can’t deliver. In fact, Native ads on premium publisher sites not only drive higher pageviews compared to search and social, but are 44% more likely to be trusted, 21% more likely to be clicked, and 24% more likely to lead to future purchases.

Nonetheless, the need to educate is not the single ‘E’ driver for brands to gain loyal audiences. Engagement and experience are also essential to leverage that education past the first click.

We’ve outlined 7 tips to help you make healthy strides on your health and wellness campaigns and own the full funnel for true brand success. Check out the infographic:

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Cyrus Jabbari

Cyrus Jabbari

As Content Manager at Outbrain, Cyrus creates and executes content strategies for international projects across regions. A wordsmith at heart who loves storytelling, Cyrus doesn’t miss a moment to tap into his creative side, playing the piano by ear in his spare time to express language through a timeless art.

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