7 Tips to Raise the Bar for Your Health & Wellness Campaigns

This post was updated on November 11, 2021.

Whether it’s to fuel a diet, be more active, or better support our well-being, consumer education plays a major part in depicting a health brand as a thought leader in its field. Now more than ever, the general public relies on leading, trusted news sites to gain knowledge and discover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of new products and services.

That’s precisely the reason for Native Discovery – to help brands reach consumers looking for that “what’s next” moment and open up new demand that traditional channels like search simply can’t deliver. In fact, Native ads on premium publisher sites not only drive higher pageviews compared to search and social, but are 44% more likely to be trusted, 21% more likely to be clicked, and 24% more likely to lead to future purchases.

Nonetheless, the need to educate is not the single ‘E’ driver for brands to gain loyal audiences. Engagement and experience are also essential to leverage that education past the first click.

We’ve outlined 7 tips to help you make healthy strides on your health and wellness campaigns and own the full funnel for true brand success. Check out the infographic:

Read our 7 tips to raise the bar for your health & wellness campaigns:

1. Pack a healthy headline

Titles that convert best are 8-words long. As motivation is a big factor for a healthy life, be punchy using numbers and questions to create emotional connection and catch audience attention at a faster rate.

2. Be authentic

Be true to your brand and only make the health promises you can uphold to continue trust with your customers.

3. Make it personal

Half of millennials seek in-depth information online about holistic health. This is your opportunity to reach savvy and connected consumers who want health experiences that are personalized, tech-driven, and convenient.

4. Flex native formats

Map the buyer journey from discovery to checkout using blog posts, podcasts, website pages, and click-to-watch video to capture the most engaged audiences at every stage.

5. Utilize Lookalike Audiences

Attract new audiences on the open web that match the interests of your existing clients to extend the reach of your campaign.

6. Optimize for mobile audiences

72% of health and wellness content is clicked and viewed on mobile, and a powerful experience can only be inspired when you know where to reach those seeking it!

7. Drive Native discovery

Discovery drives the most qualified audiences for health and wellness content, with 86% higher pageviews per session than Search, and a lower bounce rate compared to Social.

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