Grow Your Finance Business on the Open Web

Small businesses understand the imperative of stretching each advertising dollar, particularly as ad costs of major social media platforms are on the rise. The open web has become an increasingly attractive channel, not just for its cost-effectiveness, but also for the high-value audiences it attracts – characterized by their affluence and purchasing power. While branching out might initially seem daunting, AI technology is making the process far more accessible, simplifying creative and optimization efforts. Uncover the advantages of integrating the open web into your media strategy, poised to elevate consumer trust and redefine engagement.

Navigating Consumer Trust

Trust is the foundation of finance marketing, given the personal and significant nature of financial decisions. Small businesses in the sector competing with legacy brands must go beyond promising trust; they must continuously refine their practices to strengthen consumer confidence. Editorial web environments are key in this endeavor, viewed as 24% more trustworthy than social media and offering more readable content. Advertising on the open web allows brands to capitalize on the channel’s inherent credibility through the halo effect. For finance consumers, there’s no better endorsement than the confidence they place in the open web as their source for dependable news and information.

Hooking the Early Adopters 

Early adopters, a young and influential third of U.S. consumers, are key for finance brands looking to grow their audience. They are 1.6 times more likely to advise others on financial matters. But capturing their attention requires knowing where they’re most engaged.

Research indicated that 50% of 18 to 24-year-olds are fully attentive on online news sites, compared to only 27% on social media, positioning the open web as a prime spot for financial brands to engage with early adopters. Not only does this connection promise receptive audiences, but it’s also cost-effective, fostering efficient growth. Outbrain data shows a continued rise of 67% in CTR and a 10% decrease in CPC for finance content, further underscoring the open web as a promising channel for finance brands looking ahead.

Creating Lasting Engagement 

With 47% of financial services buyers requiring 3 to 5 content pieces before speaking to a sales rep, and 62% consuming content without a specific company in mind, every touchpoint is a chance to capture revenue from undecided searchers. Amid a digital ad space saturated with content, the open web’s less intrusive environment allows for a different, more impactful approach. Here, the role of your creatives becomes pivotal in creating lasting engagement.

Yet, tailoring these creatives to each touchpoint often involves a time-intensive process. AI tools can alleviate this burden and support ad headline and image adjustments, streamlining the creation of targeted, engaging ads that not only resonate with your audience but also enhance click-through rates and campaign performance.

Outbrain’s Role in Enhancing Digital Strategy

Outbrain’s platform bridges the gap between financial businesses and engaged consumers, turning digital touchpoints into opportunities for trust and growth. Our suite of AI-powered capabilities streamlines intricate processes, empowering businesses of all sizes to attain superior ROI with minimum manual work. As was done by Berlin-based insurance start-up, dentolo, which leveraged Conversion Bid Strategy and OB Code to optimize their campaigns, resulting in a 33% lower CPL than social media and 4,000 leads per month, showcasing the strategic value of the open web in enhancing advertising efficiency.

Despite the challenges, small business entrepreneurs continue to innovate and find solutions to expand their reach. Embracing the open web as a strategic ally, finance businesses can rethink what’s possible to achieve growth and reach new heights of success in the digital landscape. 

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