5 Reasons to Advertise on Microsoft News via Outbrain

We all know Outbrain works with world-renowned publishers to give advertisers a premium environment to reach and convert customers. But of course you cannot choose the publisher you want your campaign on. But you can with Microsoft News. Outbrain allows you to advertise on Microsoft News through the Amplify dashboard, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be getting exactly the environment that you want. 

Microsoft News works with 4500+ media brands across 1,300 premium publishers in major global markets to aggregate trustworthy news and content for audiences worldwide. Outbrain has had a wonderful partnership with Microsoft since 2012, but we’ve recently expanded this partnership to offer advertisers more inventory. 

Did you know you can run on MSN exclusively? 

This feature allows you to target your ads only on Microsoft News’ high impact, brand safe environment. Simply turn on the feature in the campaign under the “Placement” section on the Amplify dashboard. 

Here are 5 reasons to activate a Microsoft News campaign with Outbrain: 

1. Achieve scale and higher conversion rates

Microsoft News has a highly engaged loyal audience that is showing up to 3X lift in conversion rates compared to similar news websites. 

2. Brand safe & quality environment

Native ads from Microsoft News give you the power to access premium quality environments. Ads on Microsoft News adhere to some of the strictest advertising guidelines in the Native space. Granular content controls provide a high quality user experience to audiences.

Raising brand awareness in an environment with curated editorial content from the world’s top publishers means you can trust that your ad will be surrounded by premium content every time it’s viewed.

3. Impactful ad formats

Native, in-feed ad experiences that cut through the noise and win real attention. Microsoft will provide you with a high impact and prominent page position.

4. Reach your audience anywhere in the world 

When you advertise on Microsoft News, you will have the ability to reach 550 million readers every month across 20+ languages in 40+ markets worldwide.

5. Leverage Outbrain’s technology

Outbrain’s proprietary algorithm prioritizes engagement and outcomes first. We help you build your brand, engage your audience, and drive action. We use first-party data, context, and interest to better engage the right users with the right ads, helping your ads reach their conversion goals.

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