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Tech Advertising

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments for tech content are more trusted.

in UK: 51% vs. 36%

How is the the industry evolving?

While competition within the tech B2C industry continues to grow, relevance and trust are becoming the cornerstone of an effective digital engagement strategy for brands to emerge from the crowd. An imminent cookieless world makes it all the more important for brands to prioritize digital platforms that leverage first-party insights to deliver dynamic experiences at every touchpoint of the customer journey.


How has spending on advertising changed over time?

Delivering ads in premium environments is crucial to building trust. Let’s face it: if shoppers don’t trust your brand, they won’t buy from you. That’s what makes the open web a dynamic channel in its own right, not only to help brands reach new audiences outside of the walled gardens, but be a facilitator in moving shoppers in their journey from awareness to purchase.

Source: Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 2022

Mobile accounts for 60% of global e-commerce revenue.

Source: IRP Commerce, 2022

Top reasons for shopping online include lower prices (30%), convenience (22%), and free shipping (11%).

Source: Feedvisor, 2022

Electronics content is 31.6% more trusted by consumers via ads on the open web vs. social.

Source: Outbrain Power of Native Study, 2020

How to get started with tech B2C advertising

Optimize your digital marketing strategy to meet the needs and expectations of your audience at every stage of the buyer journey.


How to increase awareness

This is where you want to make consumers excited about your brand before they're even looking for your offering. Provide content, such as blog posts or short how-to videos, that represent the values of your brand. Your goal here is to increase brand and product awareness, making a connection with shoppers and requiring as little sales pressure as possible. Before you try to increase your conversions, you need to give your audience enough information about your brand and company values in order to encourage them to learn more.

Key KPIs:

CTR, viewability, CPC

Case Studies

How to engage your audience

The middle of the funnel is your moment to grab the attention of shoppers who are considering your brand or product. Build on your brand story to develop more engagement touchpoints, leveraging earned media with positive reviews and ratings, while building trust and credibility in the process.

Key KPIs:

Landing rate, time spent, new visitors, repeat visits

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How to convert

Now that you’ve built awareness and engagement around your brand/product, you're looking to push a sale. The best ads at this stage showcase product pricing or limited-time offers to encourage action. Your campaign is focused on no-nonsense metrics like subscriptions, installs/downloads, and sales. You'll also look at cost-per-lead, return on ad spend, and customer lifetime value to optimize your funnel and maximize campaign efficiency.

Key KPIs:

Subscriptions, Installs/Downloads, Sales, ROAS, Lifetime value, CPL

Case Studies

Tech B2C Ads Best Practices

Learn from successful tech campaigns running on the Outbrain platform to reach your brand goals.

CTR by headline length

on desktop: >20 characters is most clicked
on mobile: 80-100 characters

Image trends

Images that generate the most interest for tech include sensor, smartphone, electronics

Time of day

Content consumption for tech peaks at 10am on desktop and 6pm on mobile

Conversions by platform

80% of conversions for tech campaigns arise from mobile, while 18% come from desktop

Merge tech content with other interests

Amplify content that may be appealing to an audience wider than tech-lovers

Building or diversifying media mix

One, two, or even three channels is often not enough for a robust marketing campaign. While the content of your ad is important, where you advertise says just as much about your brand among consumers.

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments for tech content are more trusted.

in UK 51% vs. 36%
in Germany: 45% vs. 33%
in France: 54% vs. 43%

It's simple for marketers to adapt their existing assets with native ads on the open web, safeguard their brand, and maximize ROAS in the process.

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