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eCommerce Advertising

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

+24% more likely to lead to purchase

How is the industry evolving?

eCommerce sales have grown by nearly 60% since 2020,* and remain a popular option for consumers. Beyond the pandemic, another main reason for its growth has been mobile shopping, which accounts for 70% of all global eCommerce revenue today. Digital shopping represents an immense opportunity for brands across regions and industries – so long as they prioritize behavioral shifts and patterns. Shoppers today increasingly demand faster checkouts, free shipping options, and more information about the values brands align with, before considering them in their purchase decision. eCommerce brands that are able to deliver the most meaningful interactions and experiences will be able to ensure that each dollar spent on advertising is optimized for maximum return on investment.

Source: McKinsey, 2022

How has spending on advertising changed over time?

The shift toward digital shopping shows no signs of slowing down, with eCommerce projected to account for 21% of all global retail sales in 2023.* At the same time, advertising on the open web has become a key driver for brands to reach new audiences, gain consideration, and drive sales. In fact, open web advertisements are perceived by consumers to be the most impactful compared to walled garden platforms.**

Meanwhile, the open web continues to evolve and offer a variety of dynamic formats, including native and high impact placements. With projected growth of 12.5% in native advertising spend alone this year,* brands in the eCommerce space have a great opportunity to bring engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints of the buyer journey, and grow their business outcomes via the open web.

Source: *Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 2022 ; **Walled Gardens vs. Open Web Research Report, 2020

25% of people globally shop online

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2023

eCommerce is projected to account for 21% of all global retail sales this year

Source: Statista, 2023

Top reasons for shopping online include lower prices (30%), convenience (22%), and free shipping (11%)

Source: Feedvisor, 2022

Mobile accounts for 70% of global eCommerce revenue, while desktop accounts for 37.5%

Source: IRP Commerce, 2022

How to get started with supermarket advertising

Optimize your digital marketing strategy to meet the needs and expectations of your audience at every stage of the purchasing decision process.


How to increase awareness

It starts with making consumers excited about your brand through top-of-funnel branding campaigns. Promote blog posts and short-form videos so that your audiences get a sense of what distinguishes your brand from competitors. The goal here is to increase brand and product awareness, while showcasing your brand's values, in order to be top-of-mind when shoppers are ready to move into the consideration stage.

Key KPIs:

Viewability, CTR

Case Studies

How to engage your audience

Now that you've connected with new, engaged visitors, it's time to build on those digital touchpoints. Leverage earned media with positive reviews and ratings to increase trust and credibility as consumers learn more about your brand and products.

Key KPIs:

Engaged visits, landing rate, time spent

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How to convert

You've succeeded in building a bond with your audience, now is the moment to push a sale. Ads at this stage promote product offers and discounts to encourage action. Your campaign is focused on metrics such as installs, sales, ROAS, and customer lifetime value to optimize efficiency towards your lower-funnel KPIs.

Key KPIs:

Installs, sales, CPV/CPA, ROAS, lifetime value

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eCommerce Ads Best Practices


Promote your brand showcasing multiple products and benefits using a carousel format. eCommerce creatives are best when they include lifestyle imagery, while short-form video formats help bring your product to life and meet lower-funnel objectives.

Landing Page

Ensure that your landing page has a clear and visually appealing above-the-fold combination of copy and action form. Showcase press coverage of your brand and product best-sellers to encourage add-to-cart purchases.

Building or diversifying media mix

One, two, or even three channels is often not enough for a robust marketing campaign. While the content of your ad is important, where you advertise says just as much about your brand among consumers.

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

44 more trusted
21 more clicked on
24 more likely to lead to purchase

It's simple for marketers to adapt their existing assets to the open web, safeguard their brand, and maximize ROAS in the process.

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