How do I test Outbrain’s pixel?

If you haven’t already, install the Outbrain Pixel Tracker on your browser to test if your pixel fires correctly. For any errors that may arise, please review our troubleshooting guide.

How to test Outbrain’s Pixel manually

Head to the page where the pixel is installed. Right-click and select “Inspect”. Click on the “Network” tab and refresh the page.

Once fully loaded, search for “tr.outbrain”.

In any browser you are using, a 200 status code indicates that your pixel has successfully fired.

Testing pixel

Once the pixel has been tested, you can monitor conversions in the “Campaigns” view of your dashboard. A conversion will be logged after a reader clicks your promoted Outbrain content and completes the goal you’ve set.

Removing the older pixel

To ensure that you have removed the older pixel version, navigate to the page(s) where the code is installed and perform the steps above. Look for requests that start with  “”. If you find any requests like this, it means the older pixel version still exists on the page. Make sure to remove it before running your next campaign to avoid incorrect conversion data.

Still running into an issue? If you do not see a status of “200”, check that the pixel is implemented correctly without any errors or extra spaces. You can also send the following information to so that our team can assist further.

  • The URL of where you have placed the code on the page and any additional info (e.g. Is it placed in Google Tag Manager? Is it hard coded onto the page?)
  • A screenshot of the error status you’re seeing
  • The action required to fire the pixel
  • The URL of the page the pixel is placed on
  • Any additional information on errors that occurred in testing the pixel

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