[Webinar Recap] 7 Steps For Higher Conversions, Pre-Click to Post-Click

This week, Outbrain and Instapage got together for a live webinar tackling one of the trickiest parts of digital marketing: improving funnel conversions.

In just over half an hour, our host duo  – Emmy Shiring, Associate Director of Customer Success at Outbrain, and Ginny Tonkin, Partner Manager of Technology Partnerships at Instapage – gave a hack-rich webinar about “7 Steps for Higher Conversions” covering the entire funnel, from pre-click to post-click. And we’ve got the webinar recording ready for you, plus a “cheat sheet” to help keep you on top of your funnel conversion results.

The session kicked off with a quick look at the differences between the ideal conversion funnel vs. the funnel reality – all those challenges that performance marketers are facing today. Then the hosts dived right into the 7 steps you can take to improve the marketing funnel and make the most of the funnel experience for customers.

Here’s a sneak peek of step 1: Personalization

Did you know that over 78% of consumers evaluate online offers if they are personalized and tailored? You should focus on personalizing your funnel for the target audience. For example, if you are targeting women, make sure you use images of women. Also, name your target audience – it’s a powerful way to grab their attention. So if you are targeting pregnant women, for instance, include “Expectant Mothers” in the title.

Want more tips like these?

The “7 Steps to Higher Conversions” webinar by Outbrain and Instapage has got great insights, actionable tips and a Q & A session where many viewers questions were answered live.

Click to watch the webinar recording and download the cheat sheet.

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