Taking the Recommendation Experience to the Next Level with Smartlogic

Traditionally offline media relied on predetermined ways of presenting content to audiences. Everyone who tunes into a TV channel, switches on the radio or picks up a newspaper or magazine from the newsstand gets presented with the same content, in the same way.

But with digital media comes the ability to create dynamic & real time content experiences that learn and adapt based on audiences interests. No more sifting through what you are less interested in to find something you enjoy.

In 2018, Outbrain introduced Smartfeed, to transform how we bring recommendations to audiences. Creating a dynamic & multi media experience that drives value from the open web for audiences, media owners and advertisers. 

However, publishers and Outbrain have faced shared challenges. How do we find the right balance between advertising and editorial recommendations that deliver on commercial and editorial goals? And, with many formats to present recommendations in, what is the optimal set up? 

Over the last 24 months, our R&D teams have worked tirelessly, embracing AI and machine learning capabilities. Building an engine that solves these challenges and takes Outbrain placements to the next level. I’m excited today to share a true innovation in our space, we call this Smartlogic.

Let’s take a look at how Smartlogic is powering a Smartfeed that tailors the entire recommendation experience incorporating our media owner partners goals:

  1. Smart-Goals
    No more manual trade offs. Partners can now set up KPI goals with Smartlogic finding the right blend of advertising & editorial content. If your KPIs change, it takes seconds to adapt your feed structure.
  2. Smart-Cards
    Don’t stress about decisions. Trying to guess which experiences are best to show and when is not only time consuming, but is an impossible task. Smartlogic solves this brain teaser using a sophisticated auction to auto-select the right format most likely to engage each user. Leading to a much more tailored recommendation experience.
  3. Smart-Design
    No more user fatigue. Even the world’s best design will generate user fatigue in the long term. Smartlogic applies constant always-on UI adjustment to present recommendations in a way that maximizes engagement.

With Smartlogic, smarter recommandations really do start here. We are proud during our  beta phase to have already seen huge success for our partners

“Impressive uplift in audience engagement and direct revenues.

Laureen Astruc, Head Of B2C Digital Products, Euronews

In fact Smartlogic is running across over 4,500+ sites around the world. The results of our efforts to customize not just which recommendation is served by the entire recommendation experience, speaks for itself:

  • 40% Lift in Average RPM
  • 25% Lift in Average CTR 

Final words

We’ve come a long way from the days where we offered the same content experience for every user. Now, thanks to Smartlogic Outbrain recommendation units are powered by an engine that tailors the whole user experience. While understanding and exceeding the goals of our media owner partners, one recommendation at a time.

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