Outbrain Powers Native Discovery for Publisher’s Newsletters

Outbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising feed for the open web, announced today the launch of a new extension of its native placements into publisher’s owned newsletters. This integration enables publishers to create and monetize the best online experiences for their audiences across all content formats including webpages, mobile apps and now newsletters. Furthermore, advertisers can now reach even more highly engaged readers across their Discovery journey, wherever they are on the open web.

This new extension of the Outbrain network comes as part of a technology partnership with Ividence, the leading European newsletter AdTech company. With Ividence’s solution, Outbrain can easily integrate into newsletter via standard HTML formats, offering publishers additional monetization capabilities beyond their owned and operated sites. With this new solution, publishers are able to unlock direct revenue with non-intrusive native discovery ads and have access to the full suite of Outbrain demand.

“The industry has a problem – increasingly, premium digital publishers cannot rely on digital display advertising alone to cover the cost of producing quality content. The duopoly has continued to dominate advertiser budgets while disrupting online user consumption patterns. Thus, publishers must expand their monetization channels and grow new revenue streams to support their business,” said Victor Charpin, Head of Platform at Outbrain. “With the integration of placements in newsletters, we are creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to have direct access to a highly engaged publisher audience when they are in a prime content consumption mode.”

“ We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Outbrain to deliver the best native ad experience in newsletter for publishers. Ividence will provide the technology to power personalised native ads across all their Publisher newsletter inventory. This partnership will help publishers to further engage their audiences and grow their subscription base – a key priority for premium publishers today.” said Eric Prigent, Head of Operation at Ividence.

With newsletters, publishers can now unlock incremental revenue streams from outside of their owned and operated sites. With newsletters forming a key part of Publisher audience loyalty and retention strategies, the Outbrain newsletter solution enables publishers to avoid reliance on intrusive advertising format and monetize in a non-intrusive user first way.


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