Outbrain Acquires Visual Revenue, Inc.

Today, we are happy to announce another exciting phase in Outbrain’s growth by welcoming Visual Revenue, Inc. into our family.

Since 2006, Outbrain has been committed to helping people discover the greatest content on the web. As fans of great journalism, we strongly believe in the important role the editor plays in the newsroom and we have worked hard to provide editorial tools and insights to help them do their jobs better. We continue to look for ways to help empower editorial decisions with actionable insights using data and analytics.

By merging Outbrain and Visual Revenue, we are combining the largest platform in the content discovery space with the leading platform for editorial decision support. This will offer publishers an unparalleled end-to-end solution for optimizing all of their content pages across any channel, screen size and device, with both automated and editorially-controlled solutions.

Visual Revenue’s platform is now deployed on more than 250 media properties across the globe, including Comcast, The Atlantic, the Dallas Morning News, NBC Universal, Cox Media Group, Le Monde, The Independent, and News International, and close to 2,000 editors regularly use its data-driven recommendations and decision support. The team has built a great platform to help editors improve performance on their homepages, section fronts and social channels. We look forward to inviting the entire Visual Revenue team into the Outbrain family, accelerate the development of their platform, and bring it to all the leading publishers around the world.

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