How Naked Wines Sold 20,000 Bottles of Wine and Reached High Value Customers Using Outbrain

Naked Wines, an online wine retailer founded in the UK, sells wine from independent winemakers around the world.

As a customer-funded wine business, they believe money spent purchasing wine should go towards the liquid in the bottle rather than pricey marketing campaigns and fancy labels.

With an ongoing goal to drive new customers to their online wine store, Naked Wines chose to try something different – interactive content, promoted on the Outbrain native advertising network. Naked Wines developed quizzes to engage and educate potential customers about wine, and to draw them to their website via fun, compelling content.


Interactive content wins, every time

The entertaining quizzes included 5 questions that captured readers’ attention with headlines like, “Have You Broken These 5 Wine Rules?” and “If you pay less than £5 for your wine then you must see this.” To make the campaign even more successful, Naked Wines and Outbrain collaborated to enhance the quizzes by conducting A/B tests on headings and image thumbnails to optimise click-through rates.

Taking it a step further, Naked Wines provided a discount code to customers who completed the quiz, which they could apply to their first purchase of a 6-bottle case of wine.

Reaching a large, quality audience in the UK

When it came to promoting the quizzes and extending their customer acquisition potential, Naked Wines chose to partner with Outbrain.

Outbrain covers 85% of the UK’s digital population, vastly increasing Naked Wines capability to reach its target audience. What’s more, Outbrain’s premium publisher network  includes the likes of the Guardian and Telegraph, whose readers are ideally suited to Naked Wines’ customer profile.

Targeting true wine lovers

By leveraging Outbrain’s advanced targeting tools such as Lookalike Audiences, Naked Wines was able to target users who have similar profiles to their highest converting customers. The Lookalike Audiences tool helps to drive efficiency by uncovering the interests and behaviours of known purchasers, and then using these attributes to discover and target other customers, at scale, across Outbrain’s network.

Cheers! The results are in

This highly effective campaign produced over 750 million impressions, received nearly 1 million clicks, generated 50,000 leads, and resulted in more than 20,000 bottles of wine sold. To top it all off, the Outbrain campaign brought high-quality customers with a 40% better lifetime value than Naked Wines’ average customers.

Recap of the Numbers – How Naked Wines Sold 20,000 Wine Bottles with Outbrain:

  • 750 million impressions
  • Nearly 1 million clicks
  • 50,000 leads
  • 20,000 wine bottles sold
  • Customers brought by Outbrain have 40% higher LTV than average customers.

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