11 Marketing Podcasts for the Well Rounded Content Marketer

Will Fleiss
Will Fleiss

Marketing podcasts for the well rounded content marketer

It may be one of the best one-two combos ever landed. The jab happened on September 5th, 2014, and the cross a month later on October 3rd. That’s when Alex Blumberg launched the StartUp Podcast, and Sarah Koenig launched Serial, the spin-off from This American Life.

That’s it. I was down for the count. My daily commutes, workouts, and dog walking never the same. I fell hard for the resurgence of podcasting.

With this recent explosion of podcast listening, discovering new podcasts still feels a bit like clicking through a rabbit hole of “blogrolls” circa 2006, so I’m always happy to find a curated list of recommendations from someone whose opinion I trust.

Now, you probably don’t know me, so I don’t blame you if you don’t trust me yet, but at least I can prove to you that I listened to a lot of podcasts, so maybe that’s worth something. Since I started using the Stitcher podcast app in March of 2015 I’ve listened to 298 hours, and 2,392 episodes. See…

Stitcher podcast listening stats

Now, let’s talk about the marketing podcasts content marketers should be listening to in order to ensure they are well rounded marketers, and not stuck in any buzzword bubbles.

Before we get to our official list I do want to make sure you’re already listening to the two best podcasts that are specific to content marketing:

This Old Marketing: Content Marketing with Pulizzi and Rose

This is not me just paying lip-service to the Godfather of content marketing. Joe, founder of Content Marketing Institute, and Rob, Chief Strategy Officer of CMI, are seriously awesome. These guys truly are on the cutting edge of content marketing, and their take on the evolving landscape is priceless.

Content Pros Podcast

This one’s hosted by the Co-Founder and COO of UberFlip, Randy Frisch, and Director of Content Strategy for Oracle Marketing Cloud, Jeffrey Cohen. You can tell these guy are true content marketing practitioners from the way they interview their guests with questions that really get to the specific pain points of implementing a real content operation.

Listening? OK, good.

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Marketing Podcasts for the Well Rounded Content Marketer

Now, it’s time to broaden your horizons a bit to ensure your acquiring knowledge from all areas of the marketing realm.

1. Marketing Over Coffee

Christopher Penn, VP of Marketing at SHIFT Communications, and John Wall, VP of Marketing at EventHero, do an amazing job of interviewing ridiculously smart people, and providing insights into the latest marketing technology trends.

2. Six Pixels of Separation – The Mirum Podcast

Mitch Joel is the Founder and President of the Mirum agency, and popular author and speaker. Going on over 500 episodes, Mitch interviews guests from the digital world, with an ease that allows him to have great discussions and even disagreements, that you’ll always learn from.

3. Unthinkable

Unthinkable is described as a “show for craft-driven creators.” One iTunes reviewer called it “The ‘This America Life’ of Marketing Podcasts.” I’m not sure a podcast can receive a better complement. Jay Acunzo is the VP of Platform at NextView Venture Capital firm, where he also hosts a great podcast for entrepreneurs called Traction. Jay spent time leading the content team at Hubspot and Dailybreak, so he bring a unique inside perspective on the importance of prioritizing creativity in your craft.

4. Digiday Podcast

The Digiday publication is seriously high quality journalism at the bleeding-edge of media and marketing, and the podcast is no different. Hosted by the Editor-in-Chief, Brian Morrissey, these interviews with C-Level executives give insights into how the landscape of audience attention is constantly shifting. Anyone attempting to put in place a completely comprehensive content strategy needs to stay on top of the trends discussed in this podcast.

5. Marketing Speak

Stephen Spencer is a longtime SEO expert. Co-author of The Art of SEO, he’s also invented technologies, founded and sold companies, and started a professional coaching service called turning Passions Into Profits. Just 10 minutes listening to one of his interviews will boost your marketing IQ a few points at least.

6. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

“Three guys and the digital analytics issues of the day.” What could be a more exciting way to spend your morning commute? Michael Helbling is the Analytics Practice Lead at Search Discovery,  Tim Wilson is Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified, and Jim Cain, is the founder of Babbage Systems, an Enterprise middle-ware solution for Google Analytics. Yeah, you could say they know a thing or two.

7. The Art of Paid Traffic

Any well rounded content marketer needs a strong understanding of paid media. As Facebook continues to diminish organic reach, and laying the groundwork for strong SEO takes time, paid content promotion has become a critical part of reaching the customer at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Rick Mulready is the perfect person to help you navigate the choppy waters of paid traffic.

8. The Growth Show

Looking to learn from the stories of other’s growth? look no further that Hubspot’s, “The Growth Show.” Hubspot’s CMO, Kip Bodnar, does a great job interviewing founders and executives to get to the heart of how they achieved growth with their company.

9. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast

LinkedIn’s Marketing Solution’s group produces a killer podcast every two weeks. It’s billed as “No fluff or frills, just real marketers talking about what matters most.” The host, Jason Miller, is a true content marketing rockstar and marketing leader. He leads Global Content and Social for LinkedIn, and has an impressive career in the B2B and music marketing worlds, spending time at Marketo and Sony Music. His interviews with other marketing leaders are especially interesting, as you get to see the content lens that can be applied to all faucets of the marketing world.

10. Seeking Wisdom

This one is more about everyday life succeeding as an entrepreneur or startup employee, but it’s hosted by a couple of great marketers, who frequently doll out marketing advice as it relates to other areas of business. David Cancel, is the founder and CEO of a new messaging technology company called Drift, as well as the founder of other ad/martech companies Compete, Lookery, Ghostery, and Performable before it was purchased by Hubspot and he became their Chief Product Officer. Dave Gerhart is the Marketing Lead at Drift and original producer of The Growth Show, mentioned above.

So there you have it. 10 + 2 marketing podcasts to help you round out your marketing education, and make sure your never at a lose for what to put on in those earbuds. I know there are lot’s more great marketing podcasts, so if you have other must-listen recommendations please add them in the comments. I’ll be updating this list periodically.

11. Moneyball for Marketing

Crimson Marketing’s Founder, Glen Gow, interviews some seriously heavy hitters in his podcast that focuses on the impact of “Big Data” and technology on marketing organizations. The podcast’s name is a reference to the Oakland A’s ability to use data to win games, and Glen does not disappoint with his ability to pull out fascinating insights that CMOs and other senior executives have learned through data.


If you’re looking to increase the audience of your own podcast, check out this story from the founders of the Curious Minds podcasts: “How Content Amplification Can Help Grow a Podcast Audience.”

Happy listening!

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Will Fleiss

Will Fleiss

Will has been doing online marketing for 10+ years, spending time on the agency-side at BKV, Ogilvy, and Converseon and then moving on to startups Knewton and Startup Institute. He lives in NYC with his wife and their cavalier, Luna.

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  • Robert Rose| August 27, 2016 at 3:15PM

    Will – thank you so much for the shout out!! Really truly love being in such good company…

    • Will Fleiss
      Will Fleiss| August 29, 2016 at 9:09AM

      My pleasure Rob! Keep up with great work, and good luck with Content Marketing World next week!

  • Abi| August 29, 2016 at 8:08AM

    Great articles, first of all Thanks for writing such lovely Post! Earlier I thought that posts are the only most important thing on any blog.

  • John Wall| August 29, 2016 at 9:09AM

    Thanks for the link Will, I have a second show in production now that will be out for Q4!

    • Will Fleiss
      Will Fleiss| August 29, 2016 at 9:09AM

      Great to hear John! What’s the topic?

  • Gwendolen Morton| August 29, 2016 at 2:14PM

    This list looks great and I’m certainly ready to dive in to earn those Spotify hours! Could you also mention some podcast ideas produced by female content marketers? That would be truly helpful in developing a well-rounded perspective.

    • Will Fleiss
      Will Fleiss| August 29, 2016 at 5:17PM

      Hey Gwendolen, that’s an excellent point! Thanks for commenting. I have a few more that I can definitely add.

      • Gwendolen Morton| September 1, 2016 at 9:09AM

        Thanks so much, these different perspectives are great, and my Spotify account is already racking up hours. I’ll check back soon.

  • Elizabeth| September 3, 2016 at 9:09AM

    Finally, all go-to resources at one place, thanks!
    May I also add jumpstart podcast by Jeffalytics?
    Famous digital marketing dudes (and dudettes! 🙂 share their story and a handful of advice that lead them to success: Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin, Melissa Mackey etc

  • Loz James| February 6, 2017 at 4:16PM

    Just found this Will – great list.

    May I be so bold as to suggest my own show, The Content Champion Podcast – I think your audience will love it 🙂

    Kind regards