Listening to Our Partners: Results From the Outbrain Media Owner Survey

At Outbrain, the success of our partners is what drives us to deliver innovative products and outstanding service, supporting everyone from growing media players to the world’s leading media owners.  

Beyond our day-to-day partner communications and product feedback loops, we also conduct a customer satisfaction survey twice a year with our publisher and media owner partners. We heard from over 300 partners in our most recent survey; let’s dive in and take a look at some key takeaways.

Media owners remain laser focused on driving revenue and great user experiences

Top ranked business goals for the next 12 months are:

1. Maximizing Monetization
2. Delivering Ad Quality/ Brand Safety 
3. Deepening Editorial Engagement
4. Driving Branded Content
5. Growing E-Commerce/ Affiliate Marketing Revenue
6. Driving Subscriptions 

We continue to focus on your most important priorities while monitoring and investing in trends to strengthen publisher positions in 2022

No single solution for the cookieless world

While the demise of third party cookies has loomed for some time, our publishers are still considering their options: 

  • 2-in-5 are actively implementing cookieless strategies  
  • 2-in-5 are focused on driving registrations and expanding their contextual solutions 

And while universal IDs have gotten a lot of press, only one-third of our respondents said they were currently exploring them.

High levels of satisfaction with Outbrain products and service 

We at Outbrain are very proud of the products we develop and of the commitment and talent of our global client services team. It’s great to see our partners agree!

  • 82% – Outbrain delivers top quality service
  • 80% – Outbrain is a strategic partner to their business
  • 77% – Outbrain technology is easy to implement 
  • 75% – Outbrain continues to innovate in the product space

These are results to celebrate, but rest assured we aren’t done yet! If you aren’t a current Outbrain partner and are curious how you can join the action, why not contact us.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

The goals, feedback, and experiences of our media owner partners help us build better products. We gathered valuable insight on new features which are already making their way onto our product managers agendas around the following areas:

  • Dashboard usability improvements
  • Customization options and new elements that could be introduced to the feed
  • Ideas on better collateral to help partners maximize the value of their Outbrain partnership
  • Localization ideas to go further as a global platform  

We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our partners who took the time to share their thoughts and opinions with us; your feedback is truly appreciated and valued and being put to use!

So what better way to end this post than with a quote, Outbrain is… 

“A strategic partner for many years, reliable, fair, transparent, and provides a quick response to any request.”

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