How To Create A Social Media Quiz To Drive Revenue

How To Create A Social Media Quiz

With limited hours and high expectation to generate leads for sales, marketers are in a constant struggle to find content worth investing their time and money in. What if we told you that the solution to your problem is something that has already generated success on social media?

Utilizing the concept of social media quizzes as a pre-existing piece of interactive content in your marketing strategy will save you both time and money. With how popular social media quizzes have gotten over the years, you can see the level of audience engagement and social traffic that quizzes bring in.

Let’s a take it a step further.

If you enhance the customer experience by providing quiz results with personalized product recommendations, you can improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.

Quizzes not only drive traffic and increase audience engagement, but they also improve conversion rates for lead generation!

Here at Interact, we’ve helped over 10,000 brands create more than 25,000 quizzes. We’ve seen our fair share of successes (and failures), so we’ve created a guide that makes use of the best practices for creating and distributing a quiz as a form of content that drives revenue and generates leads.

As we walk you through the step-by-step process of quiz creation, we’ll be using Z Gallerie as an example of a brand that has successfully implemented and executed our method.

When it comes to distribution, you can even use Outbrain as an effective tactic for promoting your quiz. Lastly, we’ll show you how to follow up with marketing automation to get the most out of your leads.

So let’s get started.

Part I: Creating the Social Media Quiz

Z Gallerie focuses on designing and seeking products with an ever-changing combination of stylish traditional and contemporary designs.

With a strong online presence and physical locations across the United States, Z Gallerie aimed to boost their brand’s personalized product line with their quiz titled, “What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?

What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?

As a means of utilizing quizzes to offer personalized product recommendations, Z Gallerie accomplished the development of a deeper connection with their customer base to generate a massive success.

We’ll walk you through the quiz creation process and tie in Z Gallerie’s marketing strategy to give you an idea on how you can replicate their success.

Creating the Type of Quiz You Want

An interactive piece of content begins with an idea.

Something as simple as creating a quiz based on your brand’s content is all it takes. Z Gallerie’s quiz focused on interior design. They modeled their questions after some of the basic concepts that attract interior designers.

When creating your quiz, make it revolve around something your brand is passionate about.

Once you’ve figured that out, here are a couple of the different styles of quizzes that you can create:

The “Event” Based Quiz – Event campaigns are fun, and this kind of a quiz takes advantage of that. Base your quiz on an event as an added bonus to drive audience interaction. If you choose to go this route, consider tying it in with a contest or a giveaway to spur even more audience engagement.

The “Your Products” Based Quiz – You can never go wrong when focusing on your brand’s products. This kind of a quiz places an emphasis on personalized product recommendations. It creates a personalized experience for your audience as you suggest products tailored specifically to them based on the answers they gave in your quiz.

Z Gallerie used this method and had their quiz categorize customers into “personalities.” Each personality suggested the most suitable interior design recommendations for each quiz-taker.


Creating the Questions to Your Quiz

Once you’ve figured out what kind of quiz you want to make, it’s time to move onto the body of it. This is the chance to establish a connection with your audience through questions as a one-on-one medium of communication.

When formulating your questions, ask yourself what kind of questions you would want to answer.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your questions:

Inject Your Personality into Your Quiz – Your brand is on the line so you want to represent it personally. Don’t be afraid to speak informally in your quiz. You want to encourage your audience to get comfortable, so do this by acting as if you were speaking to someone in person.

Make Use of Images for Your Quiz – A lot of the more popular quizzes you come across on social media utilize images. Pictures keep things interesting and relevant while also making your quiz feel more like a trivia game show.

Z Gallerie emphasized visual presentation (they focus on interior design, what did you expect?), and made sure to use appropriate images for their quiz which correlated with what users might find visually appealing.

Keep Things Simple and Sweet – You don’t want to bombard your audience with a ton of questions. People these days don’t necessarily have the greatest attention span. In our experience, the sweet spot is between 6-10 questions.

Keep Things Simple and Sweet

Creating a Lead Capture for Email Subscriptions

From a marketing perspective, you’re going to want to generate leads to drive future revenue.

This is where the lead capture form comes in handy. Increasing your email subscription list means you’ll have a larger pool of potential customers to target with brand new products, deals, and updates about your brand.

The lead capture’s placement is important.

We don’t want to ask our audience to opt-in right before they take the quiz, and we don’t want to ask them right after they get their results either.

There’s no incentive whatsoever.

Placing your lead capture form right before your audience receives their results makes it so that in order for them to proceed, they’re encouraged to enter their contact information.

Some brands offer an option to skip this step while others make it imperative that their audience submits their email address in order to receive their results.

Here are some notable tips to consider when creating your lead capture:

Promise Value to Your Customers – Give your audience something more than just their results. Incentivize your lead capture with things like a free resource such as an ebook, a weekly newsletter, coupons/discounts, or even an entry to a free giveaway.

Be Honest with Your Marketing Strategy – We aren’t trying to pull any fast ones on our audience, so be honest with them when it comes to your marketing strategy. If you’re going to send them a series of infrequent emails, let them know.

Only Ask for Necessary Information – When it comes to your lead capture, only ask for the information you’ll actually use. You don’t want to ask for someone’s phone number if you’re never going to call them.

Only Ask for Necessary Information

Creating Share-Worthy Results

The results to your quiz have as much of an impact as your questions. When people share their quiz results, this will be what others see on their social media feed.

Here are few pointers to be mindful of when creating share-worthy results:

Be Positive and Truthful – Positive emotions generate shares, so give results that encourage people to share them. Tell someone how awesome they are. People are more willing to share results that speak positively about them. Don’t tell your audience they’re something they aren’t. Focus on good traits to evoke positive emotions.

Use Captivating Images – The moment someone posts their quiz results on a social media network, what’s the first thing you see? An image, right? When creating your results, include an attractive image to grab people’s attention. Z Gallerie made sure to include an image of a fully-furnished room in relation to the personality style someone gets.

Guide Your Customers to Your Brand – Your brand’s interaction with the audience shouldn’t end the moment they get their results. Encourage them to take a look at what your brand has to offer. Z Gallerie tells you what style you are, but they also provide a link for you to follow to learn more about that style. Keep your results short, though, 3-5 sentences should be good enough.

Guide Your Customers to Your Brand

Part II: Distributing Your Quiz

Now that you’ve created your quiz, it’s time to move onto distribution.

Facebook and Twitter are two good targets as a source of generating social traffic, but you can also use Outbrain Amplify to promote your freshly created quiz.

Let’s go over these methods of distribution:

Sharing Results on Facebook and Twitter

1. Be sure to use a captivating image to represent your quiz.

2. Come up with an attention-grabbing headline.

3. Share both the image and the caption with a shortened link to track results- for example

Share both the image and the caption

Use Paid Advertising on Facebook

Promoting your quiz on Facebook can be a fairly intricate process, so to save you time, we cut it down to the basics just to give you an idea:

Selecting Your Target Audience – Your target audience can be divided up into the following categories: location, demographics, interests, behaviors and connections. Each category can be narrowed down even further. For example, location can be broken down to country, state/province, city and zip code in case you wanted to target audiences within your brand’s physical vicinity.

Create A Custom Audience – Creating a custom audience lets you work from an existing list that you’ve uploaded to Facebook, which can be previous site visitors or even email subscribers. You can also use a “lookalike” audience to try and connect to potential users that match those current audience specifications.

Use Outbrain Amplify to Promote Your Quiz

Using Outbrain Amplify for quality traffic allows your quiz to get promoted on a larger scale, targeting the more respected, premium media properties.

The more interesting your quiz is, the more popular it will get as it gets recommended to audiences in content consumption mode around the web.

With Outbrain Amplify’s reach, the virality of your quiz increases exponentially, and you can start a campaign for your content at just $10 a day.

Part III: Using Marketing Automation Follow-Up Emails to Drive Future Revenue

Once you’ve gathered your leads, it’s time to convert them into paying customers. Warm your leads up by keeping them interested through a series of marketing automation follow-up emails.

Let’s break it down into four-step sequence:

1. Thank Your Audience for Taking Your Quiz – Immediately after your audience takes your quiz, send them an email thanking them for taking it. This first email will remind them that they’ve opted in, and it helps your brand assert itself. Forgetting this step will determine if your email is just spam, so don’t blow it.

2. Encourage Your Audience to Retake Your Quiz – After a couple of days, send your audience a list of the other results they could have gotten. This will prompt them to retake the quiz to see if they can get the other possible outcomes. It’s a natural transition from the “thank you” email to sending out other content.

3. Keep Your Audience Interested with Stories/Experience – After a week, send your audience another email that highlights a customer case study or testimonial. This helps build trust with your audience, especially if you target people based on the result they received. This is the last step before you finally convince your leads to become customers.

4. Close the Deal with your Audience – After two weeks, it’s time to close the deal. Convert your leads into customers by using incentives like a webinar sign up or a coupon/discount on their first purchase. Give your audience a reason to buy into your brand.

Close the Deal with your Audience

Let’s Review What We’ve Learned

Today, we looked at exactly what it takes to create your own quiz, and as a means of giving you some sort of foundation to base this method on, we used Z Gallerie as an example.

We took a look at how Z Gallerie’s quiz fit the criteria for an effective piece of interactive content, and how they used personalization as their marketing strategy to get the most out of the leads they collected.

Now that you know how to create your own quiz, distribute it, and follow up with marketing automation emails, you’re more than ready to follow the same path to success.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own quiz today and drive those numbers!

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