Top 5 Facebook Groups Every Marketer Should Join

As Benjamin Franklin wrote over 300 years ago, “There are two certainties in life, death and taxes.”

Upgraded for the 21st century, we can say this: In digital marketing, there are two certainties – new channels and new algorithms.

Every performance marketer is constantly learning on the job. Testing out new platforms and features, exploring new tactics and methods. Internet marketing is so fast paced and ever-changing, sometimes keeping up with the best practices can feel overwhelming. What was fresh and new just six months ago has already been overtaken by the latest “next big thing”. A good way to keep on top of it all – and to keep sane! – is to network among your peers and colleagues. Rest assured, other performance marketers worldwide are tackling the same questions and challenges as you.

In our global interconnected industry, what’s the best way to network? On social media of course. Facebook is a great place to check in on the latest from the industry, with dozens of groups focused on every slice of the performance marketing pie in real time.

Here are the top 5 Facebook groups that every performance marketer should consider joining. You don’t need to join them all – rather, choose the ones that focus on your niche and pain points. Let’s get started:

1. Facebook Ad Buyers

If you spend most of your waking hours in Facebook Ads Manager, you might want to consider joining the Facebook Ad Buyers group. Created by Tim Burd, innovator, entrepreneur and Facebook expert, the group is active and busy, with nearly 100,000 members and dozens of posts a day. It’s a Closed group, so you’ll need to join to check it out, but we recommend it as a great place to participate in current discussions and connect with like-minded Facebook ad buyers.

2. ClickFunnels Group

This is a top group for affiliate marketers, with more than 200K members and literally hundreds of posts a day. There’s always something going on in the fast-growing ClickFunnels Group. Its creator is Russell Brunson, an expert in sales funnels and founder of As a Closed group, you’ll have to join to get a good idea of what it’s about, but we think it’s worth the few clicks to stay updated with new ideas and inspiration from Russell, Click Funnels and the group’s community.

3. MobileMonkey Island

As the world of chatbot marketing continues to grow, you can’t do better than joining MobileMonkey Island, a closed group created and run by Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream and MobileMonkey, a Facebook messenger marketing and ad platform. The group has nearly hit 30,000 members and it’s an active hub for social media marketers, PPC experts, inbound marketers and anyone looking to hack their way to growth via the latest Facebook messenger and chatbot marketing techniques. Plus, we are huge fans of Larry Kim – check out a PPC hacks webinar we hosted with Larry last year.

4. SaaS Products & Marketing

Are you part of the SaaS industry? Do you focus on product development and marketing? Look no further than the SaaS Products & Marketing group by Poptin, a company focused on the development of free web popups. It’s a Public group, so you can explore a bit before joining up, but with over 7000 members from the world of SaaS products and marketing, it has a really friendly and helpful vibe. Lots of products and topics are covered, and members are active and generous in their advice and support. You’ll learn a lot as well as enjoy yourself in this group.

5. Facebook Ad Hacks

If you are a Facebook marketer, freelancer, agency owner or employee, you should consider joining Facebook Ad Hacks, a closed group with close to 130,000 members, created and moderated by Cat Howell, the Facebook marketing and training powerhouse. You’ll get exposure to the latest hacks, case studies, best practices and discussions, with dozens upon dozens of posts a day and an ethos of support and sharing that is what makes this kind of networking so rewarding and fun.


These groups are a virtual water cooler, where you can ask questions, get advice, discover tools and tips, join in the latest industry chatter or just lurk quietly and get to know the lay of the land. Many groups are created and moderated by industry leaders, meaning you can effectively remove the six degrees of separation and hear it all straight from the influencers. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the top Facebook groups for performance marketers today.

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