Outbrain Now Supports Ads.txt for Publishers

Outbrain Now Supports Ads.txt for Publishers

Safety is Our Story

Outbrain is excited to announce that it now supports ads.txt or Authorized Digital Sellers, an IAB initiative that provides a brand safe and transparent environment. Outbrain’s core mission is to create a positive reader experience and with that comes a responsibility in transparency and trust – not only between reader and publisher but between all parties. This integration ensures buyers have the utmost transparency with the supply sources they choose to work with.

What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt provides advertisers the confidence in the inventory they buy. The ads.txt file is used by DSPs and other programmatic buyers to confirm that the publishers’ inventory is being sold by an approved partner.  This prevents unauthorized 3rd parties from reselling or arbitraging publisher inventory.  It also avoids fraudulent behavior like the spoofing of websites.

Outbrain has made significant investments in technology to avoid fraudulent activity across our network. Ads.txt is another standard to which we can continue to ensure confidence and transparency, benefiting the entire ecosystem of buyers and sellers. We partner directly with premium publishers around the globe which makes advocating for ads.txt the much more important.

We encourage you to update your file today, which is available on your Engage dashboard.  Not only are you ensuring a more confident buyer experience, you are taking advantage of higher RPMs available through our managed sales channels.

Where can I access my ads.txt file?

From the Outbrain dashboard, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner as shown below:

From the Outbrain dashboard

This article has a helpful tutorial on how to add the ads.txt file and further insights into why it is important.

We’ll be sharing more about our Trust and Transparency efforts it the near future, including GDPR, e-privacy, and updates to our Ads.txt effort. These are part of our continued efforts to provide publishers and readers the trust and transparency they expect!

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