Outbrain’s (Re)view From the Top, 2017 by the Numbers

Lauren Pica|

Outbrain’s (Re)view From the Top

Heading into the bright and bold New Year, many marketers (and honestly, humans in general) often look back to the year previous thinking, “good riddance and good day.”

There’s even a holiday called Good Riddance Day to shred any negative reminder of the year passed. Talk about a glass half empty!

Over at Outbrain, we try to take a more positive approach (glass half full, ya know?), reflecting on our successes, and how we can achieve that much more in the coming year.

Presenting… Outbrain by the Numbers, our (year in re)view from the top.

Here’s a playful glimpse into our Outbrain-y 2017, inside and out. Everything from recommendations served to Nespressos® consumed (and my, did we drink a lot of coffee).

Cheers to all of the fidget spinners spun, conversions converted, babies born, and Tweets tweeted throughout 2017.

Happiest and healthiest of New Years, y’all!

2018, here we come.

Show me (ALL) the numbers!


Lauren Pica

Lauren Pica

Lauren is a chocolate peanut butter-obsessed runner who does customer engagement, and flares her nostrils when she laughs too hard, in that order. When she's not writing about herself in the third person, you can find her strategizing retention tactics (in the kitchen) at Outbrain.

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