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Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

+44% more trusted

How is the industry evolving?

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has rapidly evolved to meet changing customer preferences and needs. One of the most significant trends is the shift towards healthier, more natural, and sustainable products. In fact, 58% of consumers globally are more conscious about their physical health, *requiring certain CPG brands to innovate and offer products that meet those demands, such as plant-based alternatives. Sustainability has become another main focus, with 76% of consumers believing it’s important for brands to reduce their carbon footprint. *Recent years have also shone a spotlight on eCommerce, with more consumers shopping online for groceries and household essentials. This has pushed CPG brands to invest in digital channels to ensure they have a strong online presence and can reach consumers where they shop – particularly through mobile and video experiences.

Source: GWI, 2022 | BazaarVoice, 2022

How has spending on advertising changed over time?

Online sales growth for the CPG industry hit a record 30% in 2022, alongside rising digital ad spend for the category. *Despite signs of economic uncertainty, there’s no sign of stopping, with an anctipiated 5% YoY increase for the year ahead. *It’s clear that the omnichannel experience is here to stay, and brands are looking to advertise online in hopes that their brand is seen by the right audiences. This trend opens up the benefit for brands to use first-party data strategies to deliver tailored ads and reach the right customer with the right message – effectively building up their online presence with attractive deals and experiences that in-store can’t offer.

Source: Coresigt Research, 2022 | Statista, 2023

86% of consumers purchasing goods combine their shopping habits to include both online and in-store shopping.

Source: NielsenIQ

68% of consumers say fast shipping influences their purchasing decisions.

Source: SellerApp, 2023

60% of consumers say they will become repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience.

Source: DigitalCommerce360, 2021

Mobile devices account for 71% of retail traffic, and generate 61% of online shopping orders.

Source: Statista, 2022

76% of consumers believe it’s important for brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

Source: BazaarVoice, 2022

How to get started with CPG advertising

Optimize your digital marketing strategy to meet the needs and expectations of your audience at every stage of the buyer journey.


How to increase awareness

Create distinguished campaigns to deliver the right messaging to your audience segments, while prioritizing mobile targeting to match their online shopping journey. The best ads at this stage highlight your brand's core values, aligning to the interests of your audience and addresing common consumer needs. Video and blog content are effective ways to address common consumer problems and establish your brand as an authority in that area, raising trust in your brand.

Key KPIs:

Viewability, video views, CTR

Case Studies

How to engage your audience

With consumers knowing the core values of your brand, now is the time to dive deeper to increase trust and purchase confidence for your product. Create interactive content, such as quizzes, infographics, and video tutorials, to educate your audience about the benefits of your product. Product reviews and testimonials are other effective ways to showcase the strong value proposition of your brand and stand out from competitors, while attracting new potential customers to consider your offering.

Key KPIs:

Engaged visits, landing rate, time spent

Case Studies

How to convert

Offer discounts and promote limited-time deals to encourage shoppers to take the desired action. Additionally, communicate other benefits, such as free shipping, to remove any purchase barriers. The key is to provide genuine value and make shopping an enjoyable and seamless online experience for customers, even if the end-goal is a brochure download or attracting customers to a physical point of sale.

Key KPIs:

Brochure download, store locator, new customers, sales, lifetime value

Case Studies

CPG Ads Best Practices


Use close-up or lifestyle images, together with localized offers or store locators. Dynamic titles helps to showcase different messaging on different dates for the most relevant offers.


Use quizzes to engage users in a fun and interactive way if you’re looking to educate about your brand and product.

Landing Page

Create one landing page per goal. For example, if it’s to highlight different offers, your page should include a product catalog with those offers.

Building or diversifying media mix

One, two, or even three channels is often not enough for a robust marketing campaign. While the content of your ad is important, where you advertise says just as much about your brand among consumers.

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

44 more trusted
21 more clicked on
24 more likely to lead to purchase

It's simple for marketers to adapt their existing assets to the open web, safeguard their brand, and maximize ROAS in the process.

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