Top 5 Outbrain Webinars in 2019

Yaniv Nava
Yaniv Nava

2019 was a huge year for #outbrainwebinars. We had a great time hosting and co-hosting webinars on everything from holiday strategies, to content attribution and conversion optimization, and of course our regular Amplify starter webinar for Outbrain advertisers.

In case you missed them, here are our top 5 most popular webinars in 2019. Click below to watch.

5. Outbrain For Advertisers: Amplify Dashboard 101

We love welcoming new advertisers to the Outbrain family, and one of the ways we do this is via our Amplify dashboard 101 webinar, held on the third Wednesday of every month. This year, we had loads of attendees who wanted to get a kickstart on their Outbrain campaigns, and they certainly got it with the help of our hosts, who covered the entire A-Z of Outbrain Amplify. Want to check it out for yourself? Sign up for the next Amplify 101 webinar here.

4. How To Generate Traffic And Turn It into Sales For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a huge opportunity for marketers – and a big stress too. So we went ahead with a webinar specifically focusing on the challenges of holiday marketing, and how to use Outbrain to make the most of the lucrative season. It was quite a hit with newbie and veteran Outbrainers alike, who came away with loads of actionable tips, like how to optimize landing pages.

3. All You Need Is (Content) Attribution

It was great fun teaming up with our attribution expert friends at TrenDemon for a webinar that was all about content attribution. According to TrenDemon, their average customer looks at 12 pages of content before converting. Clearly, there is way more to attribution than meets the eye, and this popular webinar was packed with insights about how to accurately measure content journeys to make the most of your content marketing.

2. Outbrain For Advertisers: Digital Black Friday Strategies

The biggest shopping day of the year is a great excuse for a webinar! In 2019, our popular annual Black Friday webinar reached second place in the top 5 Outbrain webinars as hundreds of e-commerce marketers signed up to hear how to maximize the holiday spending mood and drive traffic and conversions on their websites.

1. 7 Steps To Higher Conversions, Pre-Click To Post-Click

We’ve enjoyed producing and hosting every webinar this year, but the most fun is the webinars that we co-host with others. In the most popular Outbrain webinar of 2019, we partnered with Instapage, the conversion experts, to discuss how to optimize the entire customer journey, along the full marketing to sales funnel. A general breakdown of the funnel was followed by 7 tips to increase conversions, plus a live Q&A session. If you missed it, watch it now!


P.S. We've got tons of great ideas for growth!

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Yaniv Nava

Yaniv Nava

Yaniv is the former Senior Online Acquisition Manager in Outbrain's Growth Marketing team. He previously worked at Google in the AdWords support team, and at IBM Digital headquarters in Dublin. When he's not living the PPC world, he loves to surf, play basketball and travel the world.

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