Outbrain’s Patented Click-to-Watch Video Format Favors Engagement Over Intrusion for Global Brands

Outbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform on the open web, announced today a new design patent for its “Click-to-Watch” video format. Favouring engagement over interruption, Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video changes the way advertisers engage with their customers online through video.

Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video gives brands a platform to connect with their target customers while creating engagements and touchpoints through best in class storytelling. The native video format is 100% opt-in, allowing the user to decide whether to engage, providing an interactive video experience created to drive consideration and action without disruption.

Peugeot, a leading automotive brand, recently tested Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video solution. With their agency Mediacom, Peugeot’s goals for the campaign were to explore new broadcast formats that are more respectful of the user to market their SUV offerings. Beyond completion performance, Peugeot wanted to evaluate the impact of this format in terms of notoriety. The findings can be details through an Outbrain and Nielsen Engagement Survey.

The captivating Click-to-Watch experience resulted in a much higher spontaneous recommendation (+ 20%) as well as car features recall (+ 24%). As for the brand message recall (+ 33%), the study found the performance were even stronger with the males who participated, who were the target audience for this specific campaign and brand.

“With this revolutionary format, we are coming to the market with strong ambitions. Less “click to skip” and more “click to watch” is the promise we are making,” said .” François-Xavier Préaut, Managing Director,  Outbrain France. “We believe it is necessary to change the consumption patterns of online video advertising, which is why we have created this engaging format that respects the end-user and allows for stronger engagement  and real return on investment.”

Based on a CPC model, advertisers only pay for the actual engagements. Furthermore, the video is only launched (full screen) when the video is chosen by the user. Combined with Outbrain’s proprietary interest graph, Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch format guarantees marketers a qualified and engaged audience.

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