[Outbrain Goes Inbound] The Valuable Sessions You Need to Attend

Inbound 2015 Calendar

It’s the time of the year again.

Inbound 2015 is only a week away and the team at Outbrain couldn’t be more excited to travel into the heart of Boston. As we ready ourselves to soak up as much knowledge as we can over the last remaining days of summer, we thought we’d share our roadmap for the event.

Being the performance content marketers we are, we took plotting our session destinations very seriously. Whether you’re attending or not, we hope it’ll be a helpful resource for you.

With a rather large agenda stretched over the course of 4 days, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of everything a large marketing conference like Inbound has to offer. So, we avoided hitting auto-pilot and set a clear goal for ourselves to help determine the best route for success.

Mission: Bring back as many actionable strategies, insights, and tactics to help us / our readers achieve KPIs.

To tangibly do that, we suggest writing down your own mission statement for the event. Once you do that, you’ll be able to drill down on what sessions will serve your marketing goals most efficiently.

If you haven’t downloaded the full session agenda, here’s a quick link to Outbrain’s Inbound 2015 Google Spreadsheet.

As you can see, it helped us flag the most valuable sessions by type. It also ended up being an easy place for us to track who from our team was attending what, and when.


Now, I’ll dive deeper into the agenda by introducing my team, their background and what sessions we each are looking forward to most.

If you’re in attendance, keep an eye out for us! We’d love to connect with you.

The Outbrain Team Navigating Inbound 2015



“My focus is going to be on business growth and team building. I’m really looking forward to Kipp Bodnar’s session on “The Secrets To Hiring and Managing Exceptional Marketers.” I think the ability to understand what motivates the next generation of marketers will truly help leverage business growth through learning how to build a world-class marketing team.” – Miko

Other sessions on his list:

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – The Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts by Kieran Flanagan

  • Partner Track – International Partners Keynote & Growth Panel Discussion by Jeetu Mahtani

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Marketing Growth Hackathon: 25 Tips, Tools and Resources to Accelerate Performance by Paul Roetzer

  • Partner Track – From Pain to Gain: How One Agency Reduced Churn and Increased Retainer Size by Kathleen Booth

Follow Miko on Twitter and make sure to tweet at him about anything related to business growth during the conference with the #Inbound2015 hashtag.


“I’ll be looking for the data-driven sessions. I want valuable insights on how technology can shape the way we connect, and create contextual moments of engagement with our customers. Robert Michael Murray’s session, “The Power of Data, the Importance of Moments and the Future of Storytelling” will be the most interesting to me for this reason.” – Sarit

Other sessions on her list:

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Technical Marketing is Just the Price of Admission by Michael King

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Technology Trends Disrupting Consumer Behavior by Kyle Lacy

  • Ideas & Experiences – Algorhythm – The Pulse of Creativity, Data and the Future of Brands by Mitch Joel

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – How the Smartest Companies are using Big Data to Power Better Integrated Marketing and Communications by Aaron Strout

Follow Sarit on Twitter and make sure to tweet at her about any marketing technology related info you might have during the conference with the #Inbound2015 hashtag.


“So many amazing sessions to choose from, but I’m a performance content marketer, so I’m about the hacks, tips and tricks type of stuff. Ideas and experiences are great for insights, but I want tangible take home tactics. I think Tamsen Webster’s talk, “Design for Action – A Blueprint for Content Marketing,” is where I’m going to develop some new techniques.” – Will

Other sessions on his list:

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Growth Hacking Your Content by Anum Hussain

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – #META How a Content Marketing Company Does Content Marketing: Advanced Strategies To Succeed And Scale by Alicianne Rand

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Stop Being a Publisher, Start Being A Marketer, Or Perish by Seth Nichols

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – The Future of Search by Will Critchlow

Follow Will on Twitter and make sure to tweet at him about any performance marketing / SEO topics you might want to discuss during the conference via the #Inbound2015 hashtag.


“Anything content optimization and I’m all about it. Whether it’s a blog article that’s been published a year ago, or last week. Increasing conversions means a little refresh now and again. Pamela Vaughan agrees, and that’s why I’ll most definitely be joining her “Optimizing the Past: How to Get More Traffic & Leads From “Old” Blog Content” session.” – Shana

Other sessions on her list:

  • Ideas & Experiences – The Neuroscience of Memorable Content by Dr. Carmen Simon

  • Partner Track – The Perils & Possibilities of Outsourcing: What Agencies Need to Know About Scaling Content Through Contractors for Client Projects by Jami Oetting

  • Ideas & Experiences – Hungry for Better Content: What the Mighty Hamburger Can Teach Us About Repurposing & Personalizing with Modular Content by Lee Odden

  • Hacks Tips & Tricks – Using Analytics to Create Content by Jeremy Goldman

Follow Shana on Twitter and make sure to tweet at her about anything content optimization related during the conference via the #Inbound2015 hashtag.

There you have it. Outbrain does Inbound 2015!

While this may not reflect every session we’ll each attend, the general rule of thumb is to see as many speakers connected to your original event mission as possible.

Just make sure you save some room for fun. Did we mention Amy Schumer is going to be there? Oh, and Aziz Ansari.

We hope with a little bit of help and navigation from Outbrain, you’ll be able to get the most out of the event. Online or in-person, let’s connect about the major discussions taking place.

And even if you’re not taking the trip with us, we’ll…

Inbound 2015: Outbrain Top Session Picks

Will you be at Inbound 2015? Share some of the sessions you are most looking forward to and what your goals are for the event.

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