Israel Attracts Tourists with Outbrain’s “FOCUS”, the New Video Product

Israel Attracts Tourists

Archeological ruins, and skyscrapers. Snorkeling in Eilat, and ski on Mount Hermon. Desert canyons in the Negev. Green hills in the Galilee.

Israel is a small country – the size of New Jersey – yet it is a land of contrasts. Just a short drive takes you from the primeval landscapes of the Dead Sea to the cultural feast that is Tel Aviv, the “Mediterranean Capital of Cool”.

And, don’t forget, Israel is home to Outbrain’s global R&D office, located in the Mediterranean sea-side town of Netanya…

So, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism decided to launch a new advertising campaign to promote Israel on the world vacation map and drive tourists to the country. What better way to convey the colors, textures, and energy of Israel than dynamic video? With 85% of US internet users watching video online, and more than half of marketers claiming that video gets better ROI than other ad formats, the choice was clear.

The Video Campaign – Sweet & Sexy

The creative team developed a 30-second, video-based campaign, featuring a top Israeli model leading viewers by the hand through a fabulous array of destinations and experiences in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The video was designed to capture attention, entice the viewer, and build awareness of Israel as a must-see tourist destination. It was promoted across Outbrain’s premium publisher network, including CNN, ESPN, via Outbrain’s new Focus video discovery feature. Outbrain Focus is a “Click to Play” native video format that naturally draws people into the viewing experience. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

Outbrain Focus – Powerful Results!

Outbrain’s Focus video discovery campaign for the Israel Ministry of Tourism smashed the KPIs and outperformed across every metric.

  • 50% of viewers watched the entire video
  • 2.7X higher completion rate than set KPI
  • CPW (Cost Per Watch) pricing delivered excellent ROI

“Outbrain plays a significant part in our marketing efforts and has long proven itself as a source for highly engaged audiences. It’s no surprise that we are finding this high level of engagement also in our video activities.”

Eyal Varshisky, Global Digital advertising manager for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Lapam

Read the full case study here.

*FOCUS is available only in specific markets

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