Friday Thing/k: Why Did The Banana Go To The Doctor?

Yoav Tourel
Yoav Tourel

Why Did The Banana Go To The Doctor?

Hi, all.

Hope you had a good week.

Welcome to Friday Thing/k — a brand storytelling canvas where I’d like to share with you smart, creative, inspiring, engaging, cool, and innovative content marketing ideas that take my digital marketing breath away once a week.

So, why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn’t peeling well!


Let’s try another one.

Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road?

Because he didn’t have the guts.


Last one, last one. 

Why is number 6 afraid of number 7?

Because 7, 8, 9.

Got it? LOLOL.

If I could, I’d type tears from laughter.

My name is Yoav (just call me Joe), and I’m a dad-jokes kind of guy.

Some would argue that this is also a form of storytelling. My daughters and their friends are usually engaged when I practice my stand up skills:


(Evidence: Me in my monthly story & joke session during kindergarten)

But they bounce a lot.

Another (digital) dad joke…sorry. I can’t control it anymore.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids will end up like the ones in this documentary on Dad Joke Survivors by Nickelodeon Australia from last Father’s Day:

Not an easy watch.

Still, with kids & storytelling, here’s another think/g.

My mother-in-law stayed with us for few weeks at the end of last year, which means: lots of good food, lots of feedback, lots of online FAQs (“Yoav, I just received an email from a someone I don’t know. Why does he want my bank details?”) and lots of love from/to our girls.

We call it the grandma algorithm.

And the girls’ favorite time of day is the bedtime story time because Grandma Sarah doesn’t read from a book, she just tells them stuff about her childhood, how she met grandpa, how naughty her daughter/their mum was, how Israel won the Eurovision and those kinds of things.

Her voice is so mesmerizing, they just fall right to sleep.

It’s a shame she only got to visit us for a week, as we go back to our usual routine of Skype/Facetime, knowing it’s not the same as having her here and listening to her stories in person.

That dilemma seems to be the exact concept behind a Kickstarter project called StoryHome: The Connected Storytelling Device.

It’s a connected audio recorder that enables families to share great stories with each other.

Like stories, it’s simply magical: 

Before you click away, I’d like to finish with a ‘Writer’s Envy’ thing/k.

I love when ad tech platforms become creative and inspire brands to tell their stories in cool, innovative ways that demonstrate the value of the channel.

Check how Instagram, a creative platform by nature, extended its creativity to enable a beautiful ad story for Califia Farms.

Step 1: Wake up. Step 2: Upgrade your coffee with goodness. Step 3: Conquer the day.

A video posted by Califia Farms (@califiafarms) on

Liked, engaged, shared.

See you next Friday.

As always, feedback is more than welcome, and needed so please leave comments below. Additionally, if you have anything/k in mind, I would love to discover it.

Just call me Joe.

Yoav Tourel

Yoav Tourel

Yoav is Head of Sales, APAC at Outbrain. He joined Outbrain in 2012 as the Head of Account Strategy in Australia & New Zealand. Before that, he was born and bred as a media planner and for more than 13 years he worked in advertising, media and research roles, mostly in the agency land. He's also, a proud father of 3 girls (girls rock!), married to a vet (vets rock!). Oh, and some would say that he looks like Andre Agassi and sounds like Borat. Anyway, just call him "Joe" (or "Yoey").