[Webinar Recap] Outbrain for Advertisers: Black Friday Digital Strategies

Yaniv Nava
Yaniv Nava

Did you attend our recent webinar about how to boost your digital campaigns this holiday season?

If yes and you need a refresh, or if you couldn’t make it, here’s the recording. It’s packed with exclusive insights into Outbrain data regarding the Black Friday shopping season, including how to drive holiday traffic, campaign optimizations and much more. Click the image to watch:



Not quite started with your holiday marketing strategy planning? Get this: During Black Friday 2018, consumer spending online reached $62 billion! Brand are now devoting fully 25% of their annual digital ad budgets to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  The holiday shopping season, from Black Friday through New Year’s, is fiercely competitive, with every brand and business trying to get a slice of a truly huge pie. Don’t let that opportunity go to waste when the path to success is at your fingertips.

Now’s the time to start prepping your campaigns for the holiday season – it may seem a bit early in the year, but not when it comes to digital marketing. In fact:

💡 Cyber Weekend campaigns start as early as July/August


💡 The keyword “deals” is a really high performer during the Black Friday season. 

These are the types of tips you can expect to see if you click “Play” on the webinar video above.

The webinar was hosted by Bryan Hernandez, Outbrain’s Director of Customer Success, who also answered a bunch of questions from participants live in the Q&A section. We recommend you spend half an hour or so getting prepped with exclusive tips and insights that you won’t get anywhere else.



We hope you watch, and we hope your Black Friday and holiday campaigns hit it out of the park!

Happy holiday season from the Outbrain team!

Yaniv Nava

Yaniv Nava

Yaniv is the former Senior Online Acquisition Manager in Outbrain's Growth Marketing team. He previously worked at Google in the AdWords support team, and at IBM Digital headquarters in Dublin. When he's not living the PPC world, he loves to surf, play basketball and travel the world.