A Data Driven Automotive Strategy

You might think you know the what, when, and where when it comes to branded automotive content. However, some of the results we’ve analyzed from our wealth of global data across our media network may surprise you.

While you may have guessed that the majority of auto content conversions come from articles recommended on News and Sport websites, we’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised to learn that those interested in the weather and crafts are also interested in reading automotive stories.

Other highlights of our automotive analysis, which you can read on BrainPower, Outbrain’s new one-stop shop for data to inform your next content strategy, have shown that both clicks and conversions are higher when an automotive brand name is included in the headline. In fact, it breaks down to a total of 57% for clicks and an 83% for conversions. Meanwhile headlines that are 12 words long and end with no punctuation get the most conversions.


During 2016, most automotive campaigns were only running between one and three months. However, campaigns running between three and six months achieved a higher number of impressions and clicks. These longer-running campaigns accounted for 50.6% of all clicks in car brands in 2016.

You can discover more automotive content insights here. And, in addition to the data insights found on the BrainPower hub, don’t forget to check out our new Automotive Case Study Report. The report looks at how leading car manufacturers like Fiat, Nissan, Renault, and Seat, are harnessing the power of earned media, remarketing, and sequential targeting to reach their own objectives.

In recent years, advertising has undergone major shifts thanks to new emerging technologies. If you’re not using all available data insights, you will be left behind. With Outbrain’s insights your automotive story can be smarter and work harder.

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