11+ Tools to Turn You Into a Full-Stack Marketer

Fact: no one is perfect.

But as a marketer, you’re always looking for ways to reach new levels of success.

And the way to do that is by becoming a full-stack marketer.

What is a full-stack marketer?

A full-stack marketer has the knowledge, skills, and experience to work and succeed in a wide range of marketing channels, tactics, and campaigns. The world of digital marketing is so interconnected that it makes sense to have the capability to work in multiple disciplines at once. That doesn’t mean the full-stack marketer is not an expert in one particular aspect of marketing – they might well be a branding professional or a social media marketer. However, being a full-stack marketer means they can function – and function well – in all the various niches as needed to meet their marketing goals.

No two full-stack marketers are alike, but there is one thing that every full-stack marketer needs: a range of digital tools to assist and support their day-to-day activities.

To help you become a better marketer who can execute faster, I’d like to unveil a stack of (free or low cost!) tools to make you much more productive, whether you work as part of a team or a one-person show. Think of it as your digital “Swiss army knife”, ready for every scenario or challenge in the field.

You might already be using some of these, but I hope there is something fresh and new here for you. So let’s meet 11 tools that will solve your most common workday challenges, save you time and money, and turn you into the full-stack marketer you want to be:

1. Canva

The need: Handling issues around graphics and visuals without needing to consult a designer.

Why Canva: You know those moments when all you want to do is just add a title or logo to an existing banner or adjust image dimensions to fit another ad platform? With Canva’s great drag-and-drop UI, you can do all that so easily, plus much more than just editing.  

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Just a sec:

While we’re on the topic of making visuals easier, we must give an honorable mention to www.remove.bg. This neat tool is great for clearing the background from images. So if you ever need to remove an item or person from a picture you’ve downloaded, do it fast with Remove!

2. Monday.com

The need: Organizing your or your team’s tasks and tracking progress on-the-go.

Why Monday.com: There are loads of great tools available to organize daily tasks or manage projects in the short or long term, but I’ve found Monday.com to be the most functional and comfortable one for me. It manages to cover it all, from tagging team members on specific tasks to leaving reminder notes for myself and even leading cross-company projects with third-party vendors.

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3. Miro

The need: Describing complex online processes.

Why Miro: As a B2B marketer, I’m always looking for visualization tools to illustrate funnels/journeys or lead stages with multiple scenarios. After a deep discovery dive, my team and I rate Miro as one of the most easy-to-use tools to map, brainstorm and collaborate on these processes – digital whiteboard style.

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4. Promo

The need: Creating short promotional videos.

Why Promo: We all know that creating videos is not an easy task, and often quite an expensive one too. If you don’t have a huge budget available for videos, or if you ever wanted to check out a creative idea before executing it (Funny video? Seasonal Christmas video?), Promo is a great creator tool that lets you do the heavy lifting with minimal effort.  

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5. Fiverr

The need: Getting those small tasks done that you don’t have time for or knowledge of.

Why Fiverr: Fiverr is a vast freelance services marketplace where you can find skilled people to do the work for you at a fair price. You can get just about all your drudge work covered with Fiverr, like adding captions to videos, creating animation videos, voiceover recordings, and much more.

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6. Markup

The need: Doing QA on a collaborative project.

Why Markup: You’ve developed a new web page and now your team has to QA it for bugs and issues. So you’ve got to create a Google Sheet to gather their feedback. Sound familiar? After you’ve tried this genius solution, there’ll be no turning back. Markup enables you to share a web project with many colleagues and submit feedback to the relevant person in the right place. No need to screenshot with Paint anymore. 

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7. Web Scraper

The need: Extracting a piece of data or a code, but your developer is not responsive. Why Web Scraper: This tool can save a lot of time and dev resources on tactical tasks that in the past were very challenging to execute. You can even choose the type of file you prefer to get the data, such as XLSX, CSV, or JSON.

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8. Clarity

The need: Answering the question, “What’s going on with my site visitors?”

Why Clarity: One of the most challenging tasks for marketers is analyzing the behavior of users once they have reached your website. With this new, FREE tool, you can now record visitors and get heatmaps to help you optimize your site for better user experiences. You can even identify a bug you didn’t know existed by quickly watching a recorded user session.

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9. Poptin

The need: Converting site visitors with high intent or even monetizing user sessions to create better (or longer-lasting) experiences.

Why Poptin: Popups are not a new trend but absolutely one of the best on-site conversion tools you can imagine. If you’ve already done the hard work of generating high user intent on your website, you should be using popups on strategic pages triggered by intent-driven behaviors (exit, scroll, time on site). Remember, if a user decides to visit your website, they are trying to fulfill a need. A good popup with high-value suggestions can work wonders.

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10. Zest New Tab

The need: Staying updated on great marketing trends and news directly in your browser.

Why Zest New Tab: The online marketing world is incredibly dynamic and that means we need to get frequent updates so as not to miss out on the latest growth hack or bug. Zest New Tab is a Chrome extension featuring a community-sourced roundup of the latest marketing trends and news, which you can add as a browser tab. Check it out during the workday, on your laptop or mobile device, whenever the mood strikes. 

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11. Stacked Marketer

The need: Receiving curated marketing tips and hacks via daily email newsletter.

Why Stacked Marketer: Another one of my go-to marketing news resources, Stacked Marketer is a daily email newsletter packed with the latest, hottest curated updates, tips and leaks from an industry leading digital marketer and influencer. It’s free, delivered daily, and on time, direct to your inbox.

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Tried and tested by the Growth Marketing team at Outbrain, these tools are an essential part of our marketing stack. I hope they’ll become part of yours too.

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