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Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

+44% more trusted

How is the industry evolving?

The tech B2B sector is unique in that it’s highly diverse in product, purpose, and cost. Adding to that complexity, B2B buyers now have higher expectations of their experiences with brands. To stand out in a competitive market, your content is key to driving buyer interest in your products and services. What does that content look like? Customer journeys are different in the B2B world for a typical sales cycle, but the approach is the same. Leveraging intent data and customer insights to connect with buyers at each stage is key to create relevant messaging, build authority, and focus on clients values. Shaping the digital journey with relevant content has become more important than ever to providing engaging experiences for B2B buyers when interacting with brands.

How has spending on advertising changed over time?

With the B2B market 3x the size of B2C, it’s no surprise that digital channels have become the new frontier for doing business. Digital ads are expected to make up half of all B2B ad spend by 2024, with this year marking the first time 50% of digital B2B advertising being placed for mobile. Meanwhile, the open web continues to emerge as a valuable channel to reach new audiences and drive business growth. Native advertising, in particular, has reaped the benefits of the open web, as it’s projected to grow 12.5% year-on-year in 2023. B2B buyers are consumers too, and as people increasingly diversify their time online across platforms and channels – switching off social media and returning to editorial and content-based recommendations as a result – tech brands in the B2B sector will have a great opportunity to grow their business outcomes by delivering end-to-end, engaging experiences on the open web.

Source: Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 2022

67% of the B2B buyer journey takes place through digital channels.

Source: Deloitte

73% of B2B buyers want a personalized B2C-like experience

Source: Accenture

90% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if a supplier's digital channel didn't keep up with their needs.

Source: Wunderman Thompson

250% increase in B2B mobile sales since 2020.

Source: McKinsey

How to get started with tech B2B advertising

Going digital with your content in the B2B world is the essential starting point to not only retain customers, but to create relationships with new accounts for growth.


How to increase awareness

Identify high-intent B2B buyers ready to learn more about your brand. The best content at this stage uses a soft-sell approach, building authority and showcasing your brand's expertise. By remaining top-of-mind with decision makers, you will have a better chance of engaging further down the sales funnel.

Key KPIs:

Viewability, CTR

Case Studies

How to engage your audience

To stand out from the competition, B2B marketers and sales teams need to stay agile, hyper-aware of the sentiment and messaging around buyers and industry. For example, B2B buyers are focused on ROI, expertise, and efficiency. The best content at this stage lays claim to buyer pain points and educates them about the value elements they need. Build trust by incorporating trustmarks such as partner logos, testimonials and credentials on your landing page.

Key KPIs:

Volume of Qualified Visits, New Prospects/Site Bisits,Time Spent

Case Studies

How to convert

Considering the longer sales cycle, at this stage you want to offer buyers something of value in exchange for their information, such as whitepapers, webinars, e-books, or other tools. This not only helps you generate leads but enhances the relationship with buyers too.

Key KPIs:

Leads, Registrations/Downloads, CPL

Case Studies

Tech B2B Ads Best Practices

Promote Gated Assets

Offer webinars, whitepapers, and free trials as gated assets to attract potential customers. This will provide a taste of your offerings and encourage them to sign up for more information.

Optimize Landing Pages

Ensure that your landing page has a clear and visually appealing above-the-fold combination of copy and action form. This makes it easy for buyers to understand the purpose of the page and take action quickly.

Building or diversifying media mix

One, two, or even three channels is often not enough for a robust marketing campaign. While the content of your ad is important, where you advertise says just as much about your brand among consumers.

Compared to social, native ads in premium environments are:

44 more trusted
21 more clicked on
24 more likely to lead to purchase

It's simple for marketers to adapt their existing assets to the open web, safeguard their brand, and maximize ROAS in the process.