3 Ways Brands Are Complementing their Super Bowl Ads with Content

|Brandon Carter

This year’s Super Bowl is shaping up to be the most innovative yet for advertisers, with many brands flipping the model and treating their ads as a component of larger campaigns.

Here are three examples so far integrating digital content with upcoming Super Bowl spots.


Incredibly, twenty years have passed since Pokemon was unleashed on the world. To celebrate, The Pokemon Company has announced it’s airing an ad during Super Bowl 50.

While details for the ad are scarce, they have built, where users can explore interactive timelines and post their favorite Pokemon memories to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube using the hashtag #Pokemon20. The winning submission will be honored with “something special.” Perhaps a cameo in the forthcoming Super Bowl spot?


pokemon turns 20 this year, and the Pokemon Company is celebrating with a Super Bowl spot

Pepsi’s Party Fail Study

In addition to taking viewers behind the scenes of their halftime show preparations, Pepsi is following up its Joe Flacco Party Fail video with two new test subjects: football legends Jerry Rice and Shannon Sharpe.

Here is the more tragic Joe Flacco video.


Taco Bell’s Mystery Press Release

Taco Bell has issued a thoroughly redacted press release teasing a new “food innovation” that could be introduced at the Super Bowl. One thing’s for sure: it’s more interesting than your average press release. The future of product announcements?

See the press release below.


memo; redacted press release from Taco Bell about an upcoming "food innovation."

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