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A couple of years back, before joining the Outbrain team, I worked as an independent marketer and one of my jobs was creating and running online ad campaigns for several clients.

At times I was simply drowning in the work that needed to be done. Creating ad content and images, designing ads, uploading and scheduling – it all added up to a lot of hours that I couldn’t always spare.

That’s where Fiverr, the online freelancer platform, comes to the rescue. If you’re running Outbrain native advertising campaigns and need help with your daily tasks, then keep reading! 

But First, Why Native Advertising?

More marketers today are waking up to the benefits of native advertising with Outbrain. Native ads take on the look and feel of the web page they appear on, so they don’t look like ads. Rather than disrupting the user experience online, native ads engage viewers with relevant recommendations during their browsing session. With Outbrain’s range of advanced ad types and targeting options, you can reach the best customers with the right recommendations for them. And because the Outbrain network includes so many of the world’s premium publishers, like CNN, MSN, Sky News and thousands more, you can get more exposure for your business in a high-quality, brand safe environment. 

What It Takes to Be a Native Advertiser

We know, however, that creating the content, design and schedule for Outbrain campaigns can be a sore point, particularly for small companies. As a recommendation platform, it’s only natural for us to recommend a solution where you can easily purchase all the Outbrain native advertising support services you need and more, at an affordable price. We’re talking about Fiverr, of course.

The Outbrain Store at Fiverr: Come Inside

Fiverr is the world’s leading online marketplace for freelancer services, connecting skilled professionals in more than 500 categories – including those you need to create, manage and optimize your Outbrain native ad campaigns. Specialized services such as native ad copywriting, image mockups, content creation, ad design, ad uploading, ad scheduling, performance tracking and much more, are all available to you directly at Fiverr’s Outbrain store. There you’ll find loads of recommendations for freelancers with just the expertise and availability you need to get on top of your Outbrain activity. 

The door’s open, so come on in to the Fiverr store for all things Outbrain and native advertising.

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