Introducing Carousel From Outbrain: The Latest Interactive Ad Experience For Storytellers

With attention spans dwindling by the second, it’s hard to drive meaningful connections and capture consumer interest in 2020. At the core of Outbrain’s values is the art of storytelling, which is key to driving online engagement.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Carousel:  a rich native ad format that provides more ways to showcase products, offers, and content. 

Carousel On the Open Web

Marketers can now promote their content natively across the feed of the open web with the engaging and interactive Carousel format. With Outbrain Carousel, marketers can amplify their strategy outside of walled gardens, providing a premium consumer experience across multiple channels.

Outbrain Carousel supports effective storytelling by showcasing up to 10 pieces of content in a seamless ad experience, encouraging discovery and interactions with new brands.

What is Carousel Best Used For?

With Carousel, marketers can expand their strategy outside of standard display and video formats to increase awareness and consideration while balancing Return on Ad Spend.

  • Showcase multiple products and offers
    • Use up to 10 images to promote a wide range of pieces to your target audience
    • Paint a picture of a cohesive look across one ad format
    • Leverage more ad space to showcase more of your brand

  • Spotlight the different elements of your brand
    • Expose your audience to the content that shows the versatility of your brand
    • Introduce consumers to touchpoints outside of your core product offerings
    • Spur engagement by drawing consumers to swipe through different pieces of content

  • Tell a story with more ad space
    • Create a cohesive user journey as consumers swipe through related experiences
    • Spark a moment of inspiration by promoting a range of destinations and itineraries
    • Tell a sequential story over the course of several images

Why is Carousel Right For You?

Not only can Carousel accommodate all marketing efforts, it’s particularly beneficial for these marketer types.

  • Large Retailers: Display multiple products and special offers, drive qualified site traffic, and increase online sales.
  • D2C Brands: Promote targeted products, attract engaged premium audiences, and increase consideration of your offerings.
  • Lifestyle & Health Brands: Advertise products and special offers while driving qualified site traffic and boosting engagement with apps and content.

Interested in getting started? If you’re already amplifying, reach out to your brainy Customer Success Manager or our helpful Support team. Or, if you’re new to native, get in touch!

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