Introducing Outbrain Academy for Native Ads: Now Available On-Demand

At a time when marketers are expected to deliver so much with so little, can you honestly say you’re leveraging the best solutions to gain customer attention? Unless your answer is a resounding “Yes!” then this is the ideal course to not only get you up to speed, but also set yourself apart. Our Outbrain Academy is designed specifically to help grow your marketing skills in an area that is experiencing huge growth: Native Advertising. By the end of the course, you’ll receive your certification as a Native Advertising Strategy Expert — distinguishing yourself and the work you do daily. 

In response to today’s reality, we’ve adapted our successful in-person training course and made it available online. Best of all, our latest course is entirely based on your direct feedback, ensuring a holistic approach to all-things Native Advertising

What is Outbrain Academy?

Outbrain Academy is part of our company mission to invest in the education of today’s marketing and media professionals, equipping them with the latest tools, insights, and techniques required to advance their marketing qualifications. 

What is Outbrain Academy’s newest training program about? 

In just six modules that take no more than one hour in total, Outbrain Academy’s certification course takes you on a journey to become a Native Advertising Strategy Expert. The course is purpose-built for agency and brand marketers to upgrade their marketing skills, but is relevant to all marketers at any level.

Why sign up?

By now, you’ve probably already questioned the impact of limiting your advertising strategy to the walled gardens, especially when considering brand safety in a world of user-generated content. We explore this and more! In the academy course, you’ll discover: 

  • Solutions to advertising beyond the walled gardens 
  • How spending on ads over the open web helps support quality journalism
  • Why consumers are shifting their attention to trusted news
  • How Native Ads have evolved to allow social creatives, video creatives and more to not only shine on the open web, but outperform other channels  
  • Why Native Advertising will continue to win when it comes to consumer choice 

In this fast-paced digital landscape, you simply can’t afford to not stay up to date with the latest channels and how they are evolving.  

Are you ready to level up your marketing skills? Complete it in a single day, or go at your own pace — the choice is yours. Don’t miss the chance to set yourself apart as a certified Native Advertising Strategy Expert!

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