Outbrain’s Guest Blogging Guidelines

|Liraz Rahmin Postan

Outbrain’s Guest Blogging Guidelines

Outbrain’s Guest Blogging Guidelines

While we’re very selective about our guest contributors, we do accept high caliber blog posts from marketers and industry leaders.

For example, here are some guest posts we’ve published in the past that we’d love to see more of: The Macroeconomics of Native Advertising by Chad Pollitt, How to Combine Content and Commerce  by Aaron Orendorff, and Cultivating Loyalty in a Multi-Screen Era by Shana Pilewski.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Outbrain blog, please read the following guidelines and complete the form that’s linked to at the bottom of this post.

Who We Are

Outbrain is the world’s leading premium Discovery Platform. We connect marketers to their target audiences and we help publishers personalize and monetize their digital properties. Our recommendation engine uses proprietary interest and behavioral data to capture people’s attention at every stage of the customer journey.


We work with brands, agencies, SMBs, and publishers on various sides of our business. We’re always looking for great posts that speak to these types of leaders. Our readers are always interested in new ways to use their messaging to reach performance goals, digital marketing best practices, as well as innovative and cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Quality Guidelines

As we’re sure you know, there is already so much content about digital marketing online. We have no interest in publishing low-quality blog posts. Quality is everything. We look for original, practical, real world examples that show real data, real successes — and even real failures.

Topics We’re Looking to Cover

To give you a better idea of what we’re looking for, here are some topics and example posts we feel deliver the most value to our readers:

New Ways to Measure Digital Marketing Efforts

Best Practices for Engaging Users at All Points of the Customer Journey

SEO Best Practices

How to Use Influencers

New Trends in Digital Marketing

Vertical Strategy

Case Studies and Customer Interviews

Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Publishers

Best Practices in Building Digital Marketing Teams & Hiring

***Please note: We only accept original content pieces! 

If you are interested in writing for us, please complete the guest blogging form here.

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz is a Senior SEO and Content Manager at Outbrain's digital marketing team. Previously worked at 888, Neogames, Go internet... Read more

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